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Challenging Child Observation Assignment for Ece
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CHALLENGING CHILD OBSERVATION ASSIGNMENT For my observation assignment I chose Sam, a four-year-old boy who stays in my class for the aftercare program. I have worked with Sam previously in the camp last summer and became aware of his challenging behavior. For starters, he has a medical condition – he is prone to epilepsy (the cause is unknown). Sam is on medication and his doctors are constantly adjusting it and testing his condition. Sam’s parents asked teachers to be on…...
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A Child Observation
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Evaluation: The aim of this observation was to observe and note the different physical skills that A, a female of 2.0 years was capable of doing and to record it. I recorded. A was playing alone under the supervision of myself and her mother in her home, while I observed and recorded both of As gross and fine motor skills. A child observation is a sample of a child's behaviour and development that is recorded in order to interpret it…...
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Child Observations
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Target child Child observation details Date of observation: 28th December 2011 Time I saw good hand and eye co ordination when he was using his fine pincer grasp while he was drawing. He didn’t really have a preferred hand as he used both hands but mainly his right. He seemed to enjoy drawing which is brilliant for his fine motor skills. He completed the task of getting the pencils out of the case using his thumb, fore finger and middle…...
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Child Observation
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For this assignment, I observed my six year old niece, Faustine Bui who was born on August 16, 2007, at the park where I was babysitting her with her mom for approximately thirty minutes. The park I observed her at is packed with children and dogs are allowed. There is a large play area with jungle-jims and slide and it includes a sandy area which has a variety of playing equipment as well. I first observed Faustine’s biosocial development such…...
Child ObservationPsychology
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