Flamingo Gardens of Seattle

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Flamingo Gardens is among of the notable places located in the Seattle. Flaming Gardens is unique and is an attraction for the tourists for a number of reasons. Flamingo Gardens of the Seattle is a not for profit wildlife sanctuary. It is also an aviary and a botanical garden. It is located at Seattle in the Washington state. The area of Flamingo Gardens is around 60 acres. Flamingo Garden is only open to the public for a fee. The ground of these gardens has around 3000 species of different kinds of plants.

These plants include the orchid, ferns, bromeliads and oaks. It also has more than 300 species of palms. A tram ride is also present in these gardens. This tram ride takes the visitors into the tropical rainforest, native hammock, wetland areas and groves. The tropical plant house present at these gardens has a number of interesting plants. These interesting plants of the plant house are also shown to the visitors of Flamingo gardens through the use of tram.

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Flamingo Gardens is really a great attraction for people, who live in the Seattle and also for the ones who live outside the county. The orchids, calatheas and some other unique plants make Flamingo Gardens a very interesting place for the wildlife lovers. Some very enchanting fauna is also present in Flamingo Gardens of Seattle. The fauna which are there in gardens include the otters, alligators, bobcats, florida panthers, tortoises, fresh water turtles, geese, swans, sand hill cranes, blue beaked ducks, flamingos, bald eagles, golden eagles, owls, peacocks, macaws and iguanas.

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Plus the wild life association is very active in these parts as during the past year hunters and poachers have risen all over the state and decreasing the wildlife in large numbers. The gardens were actually owned by Floyd L. and Jane Wray, who in 1933 built a home at the place and also a citrus grove, on the edge of Everglades. At this place they started the botanical collection of tropical and sub tropical fruit trees and shrubs. The Wray home is still present in the Flamingo Gardens, and the visitors are shown this home, when they visit the place. This Wray home is preserved as a museum and actually looks like a country home.

This place is a great place and a really nice tourist attraction. Many more gardens can be made from following the example of Flamingo Gardens. By building such tourist attractions, a lot of species can be saved from extinction and this would also help in controlling the deteriorating environment. Not only tourists should visit such a place but it is a really good place for children to visit. By such places children can be made aware of the different species of animals and plants present on earth. In addition, children would learn to appreciate the things created by nature by visiting such gardens and wildlife sanctuaries. Flamingo Gardens therefore is great place to visit if one is in the Seattle.

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Updated: Jun 05, 2020
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