Finding One's Purpose and Meaning in Life

Categories: Personal philosophy

Before starting, read this.

"This article is dedicated to not anyone else, but you; Yes You!"

Like me, you also want to be Millionaire, Billionaire and so something great. But we most often get broke, and yes this happens not with just you and me but with everyone. And for the solution... We start looking for the motivation, like how to stand up, how to do achieve this, how to be that, etc. Unfortunately, the motivations we get by reading some motivational quotes on Instagram or watching videos on YouTube is nothing but a temporary zeal.

From that, we stay motivated for a short period.

Although there are "some" people who just need a small push of positive enthusiasm to do things, as I quoted some, that entirely means that there is a considerable number of people available, who don't have a prolonged time consumption of motivation. Many of us say that "Motivation doesn't last longs!" They mean well, motivation is just like food and a hunger relationship.

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We get hungry we eat food, and later we do again get hungry we do eat food. Similarly, we get broke; we take some motivation, we again get broke and so we SHOULD retake motivation. Don't just lose hope; you are the one who is going to do great things in your life. Don't ever, ever, ever compare yourself with anyone; if you do so, you are not going to have a healthy mentality. Just do good things, you don't need to check yourself with anyone.

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Now am directly digging deep into the topic, I will concern about the questions which I usually get.

I can't do this; I can't do that:

Tell me one thing; you use a mobile phone, alright. You ride a bike, a car, period.

So did you came to handle these things by birth? Like after your birth, you started using mobile? Or handling vehicles etc.? No, a big No.

You learned them; you started, you failed, you made many mistakes, and then you finally used them. So just think about it, if you say that you can't do this, just remember you have to learn it. No matter how much mistakes you make, you should be proud that many people aren't even trying to do what you are going to work. I don't think I can do anything in my life:

Give me a high five; I do also think about the same. Now, what's the solution to this?

Well, just ask yourself, what are you doing with your life, how much time you are giving to your life? What are you doing with your life?

Sit-back, and figure out the amount of time you are spending on your goals and/or aim.

You need to know the value of your life, you are not alone to do great things in life, there are millions. Want to see a proof? Just go to Instagram, search for any motivational page, you will get to know about there followers are in millions, that directly means you have to compete with those millions. What if I can't do anything with my life? You-yourself are responsible for this. If you are ready to hear out from people that you can't do anything in life, you are good for nothing. Then be sure to have a proper reply for this. Indirectly, I mean to say is, you have no any option in life to do. Either do hard work or don't do at all. Repeat - Either do hard work or don't do at all, period.

Give yourself some time daily, talk to yourself about what are you going to do, make a plan, execute it. Just think that those who can do, are Humans too, they are not extra intelligent. You might have heard that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little "extra." And always remember - You can't beat hard work.

Updated: Feb 23, 2024
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