Ethical Behavior of Dan Amos of American Family Life Insurance Company (AFLAC)

American Domesticity Insurance Business (AFLAC), a Fortune 500 business, and their President (CEO), Dan Amos, were recently recognized by Ethiosphere Magazine as the World’s The majority of Ethical Business for the fourth successive year (Aflac Named The Majority Of Ethical Company for 4th Consecutive Year, March 2013). This award is provided to business who demonstrate a dedication to ethical leadership, corporate social obligation, and certified practices. More information about the approach and selection criteria and the complete list of the 2013 World’s Most Ethical Companies can be viewed at http://ethisphere.


“The research-based Ethisphere ® Institute is a prominent global think-tank dedicated to the production, improvement and sharing of finest practices in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, anti-corruption, and sustainability. Ethisphere Magazine, which publishes the internationally acknowledged World’s Most Ethical Companies Ranking, is the quarterly publication of the Institute” (Aflac Called Most Ethical Business for Fourth Consecutive Year, March 2013). AFLAC has actually won this award 7 times.

Dan Amos began his profession at AFLAC in 1973 as a sales agent.

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He was promoted to President in 1987, Chief Operating Officer (COO) in 1990, and President (CEO) and Chairman of the Board in 2001 (Recommendation for Company, Encyclopedia of Organisation,2 nd edition, n.d.).

Throughout the very first 4 years as the CEO of Aflac, income grew from $2.7 billion to $9.6 billion. Amos was accountable for the advertising campaign that included the Aflac Duck. By 2004, surveys reported that AFLAC and its mascot Duck was acknowledged by 96 percent of all Americans. Aflac’s revenue has actually increased throughout the years and now is reported to surpass .

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4 billion (AFLAC at a Glimpse, 2013).

This quote from Amos is very a sign of his approach,”Provide your staff members whatever they require to prosper, and they will give everything they can to help business be successful” (AFLAC Called Most Ethical Company for Fourth Successive Year, March 2013). Ethical conduct according to Baack 2012 is the observable words and deeds developed to seek the objective of integrity in daily company.

Dan Amos has invested donations to fund cancer research and developed Georgia’s AFLAC Cancer Center at Atlanta’s Egleston Children’s Hospital. To date AFLAC has raised over $79 million in donations to children’s cancer. Every executive within AFLAC must sign and abide by the Code of Ethics for Chief Executive and Senior Financial Officers. Here is the overview for this document.

Everyone is required to comply with all of the laws, rules, and regulations that govern the conduct of our business. Senior Officers have additional leadership responsibilities, which include creating a culture of high ethical standards and commitment to compliance, maintaining a work environment that encourages employees to raise issues and promptly addressing employee compliance concerns (Code of Conduct, August 2013).

All Senior Officers must report any suspected violation of this Code for Senior Officers. Any violations of this Code for Senior Officers may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. This code of conduct is repeated throughout this entire organization at every level.

Their reputation is considered one of their most valuable assets. They protect their reputation as closely as they protect the physical assets of the company. This year marks the 23rd year that Dan Amos has been the CEO of AFLAC. During his tenure, there have never been any corporate scandals or any convictions of business wrong doings. Dan Amos and AFLAC have grown this business on the premise that ethics will equal profits. Aflac’s success is based on honest dealings with customers, a fair product for a fair price , treating employees with respect, and paying a fair wage.


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