Enterprise Strategy Essay

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Enterprise Strategy


Our Enterprise Strategy sets out our vision for the Opera House as a dynamic and evolving organisation now and into the future. Our mission and values lie at the heart of our Enterprise Strategy, guiding our plans to ensure the Opera House retains its essential role in Australia’s life and identity.


The Sydney Opera house embodies beauty, inspiration and the liberating power of art and ideas. It is a masterpiece that belongs to all Australians. We will treasure and renew the Opera house for future generations of artists, audiences and visitors.

Everything we do will engage and inspire people through its excellence, ambition and breadth. We will strengthen our central role in Australia’s life and identity.

Our Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines that connect our daily behaviour, decisions and actions to the vision, goals and values of Sydney Opera House.

1. We act in the best interests of Sydney Opera House and value our reputation. As a cultural icon and internationally recognized symbol of Australia, Sydney Opera House’s reputation is one of our most valuable assets. As representatives for Sydney Opera House we all have a responsibility to build our reputation and protect it against harm. 2. We act with personal integrity & honesty. Integrity and honesty underpin everything we do. The trust of our customers, partners, colleagues and the community can only be achieved through ensuring all our decisions and actions are honest and made in the best interests of the organization and its stakeholders. 3. We maintain a healthy and safe work environment. Safety and security in our workplace is of vital importance to Sydney Opera House. Everyone is expected to contribute to creating and maintaining a safe and secure workplace by observing safety and security procedures and policies. 4. We have respect for others & maintain a fair and harmonious workplace.

Sydney Opera House is committed to maintaining an inclusive workplace that values the contributions of everyone and is respectful of difference. We all must behave fairly, respectfully and without discrimination to any person we deal with in our work, including other employees, customers and business partners at all times. 5. We value our customers & are committed to service excellence at all times. Customer First: “In all our endeavours, we are committed to placing the needs and views of our customers first”. 6. We work with economy & efficiency. You must use all Sydney Opera House resources lawfully, ethically and as economically as possible in your work. All equipment, facilities and property should only be used for work purposes and the business of Sydney Opera House unless otherwise approved by your manager.

Use of Sydney Opera House information systems must be carried out in accordance with relevant policies and procedures. Use of information systems is monitored. Serious breaches of Sydney Opera House policies and guidelines will result in disciplinary action and may lead to dismissal. 7. We perform our work unimpaired by the consumption of alcohol or use of drugs. Sydney Opera House requires all staff to be unimpaired by alcohol or other drugs that may affect your ability to work safely and effectively.It is important to advise management if you are concerned your work performance may be impaired by medication. Attendance at work while affected by prior use of alcohol or other drugs is not permitted.


The Access Strategic Plan has been developed with a focus on Sydney Opera House’s strategic goals: Artistic Excellence Produce and present imaginative and engaging performing arts events from Australia and around the world. Community Engagement and Access Sydney Opera House belongs to everyone and all communities have access to experiences. A Vibrant and Sustainable Site Intensifying customer engagement and ensuring progress works in harmony with heritage values. Earning Our Way remain relevant, contemporary and leverage our position as a critical tourism and cultural asset.

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