Economic Evolution: Changing Employment Structure in the UK

This graph shows the trends in the employment structure of the UK over the last 300 years. Over the last 100 years ago, in 1900 people used to work for primary sector about 90%, in the secondary sector were about 60% and only less then 10% in the tertiary sector. However today in 2009 in the UK these facts are very strange unusual and different then ever before in 1980 these things has been changed and the graph shows ever thing above. Therefore about 80% of the UK workers are employed in the tertiary sector with only less than 5% are working in the primary sector this has seen a massive changes.

In 2008/09 the secondary sector has been affected, for example the BMW Consumer spending - the amount of money customers spend on different goods and services is always changing. Nowadays, more customers are spending more then ever on the service industry. Demand is always changing for different goods, mainly due to fashion and preferences. This is due to an increase in earnings and a change in leisure time and attitudes.

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This graph shows the consumer spending money on goods from 2000 to 2005

All around the Europe adults and teenagers in these days are buying stuff such as clothes, phones, IPods and some more electronic stuff from china because they think china that china is selling on quite fairly price so this could also brings effect on result on the Europe economy and all profit goes to china. Value of goods and services - the time has being altering with it always effects on the value of a businesses produces.

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As trends and demand change, the amount a business can charge for a good or service will alter. Where the level of demand has decreased, many businesses have changed their business activity.

Technological developments - this has greatly changed business activity. Businesses have access to new markets, and the ability to produce a range of goods and services. It has also meant that the nature of existing activities have changed, for example, using modern production techniques. In these days technology are talking people over from doing work for example, 1 robot can be have talented, able and equal to 10 men's working and also would be much better than them because it using doing whatever the computer tells it.

Another technology could be a PC and tractor etc. This is an example of a technological development which I have copied from the www. bbc. co. uk website. The BBC story is about to a international journey which takes off on the box. Its projects which have plans to bring satisfied for television, radio and online audience, telling the individuals stories behind what makes the global economy tick. Employment in different activities - as the nature of business activity changes so does the number and type of people employed.

Some factors have led to unemployment, and others have meant that people have been retrained to work in new areas. Due to demand for services and the increased education and skills of employees, more people are employed in the tertiary industry than ever before. This has also meant that there are fewer people employed in the other sectors. People are employed in the tertiary industry than ever before. This has also meant that there are fewer people employed in the other sectors.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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