Effects of Two Exercise Protocols on the Balance Among Older Adults

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The investigators carried out the study about effects of two exercise protocols on the balance among fifty-eight older adults' participants and divided to three group proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation group (PNFG) (N = 20), Pilates group (PG) (N = 20) and control group (CG) (N = 18). The PNFG and PG have to done the exercise training that consist of 50min sessions three times a week for 4 weeks while CG continue their daily activity. Before and after one month the investigators were measurement the displacement center of pressure and balance by using stabilometric parameters, berg balance scale score, functional reach test, and timed up and go test (TUG test).

The result has showed that PNFG have reduce stabilometric parameters and improve berg balance scale score, functional reach test result, and timed up and go test whereas PG improve in functional reach test result, and timed up and go test compare than CG. They conclude that PNFG and PG improve in balance nevertheless PNFG improve in static and dynamic balance (Mesquita et al.

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, 2015). Some of the studies that found out proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) hold-relax stretching technique increase muscle strength, range of motion and flexibility (Rees et al. , 2007). Moreover, during the PNF movement execution, muscles are briefly stretched before contraction. Subsequently, it stimulating neuromuscular ending and provide greater muscle strength (Pereira and Gonçalves, 2012). Pilates exercise strengthen the abdominal muscles and trunk proprioception provide good posture(Kloubec , 2010).

Furthermore, the researchers conducted study of virtual reality balance training the Ski game on Kinski and Wiiski among thirty older adults and thirty young adults' participants.

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Wii Balance board (Wiiski), which uses a force plate, while Kinect sensor (Kinski), which performs motion tracking. During gaming, seven opto-electronical cameras captured movement. Assess the maximum displacement of the COM (center of mass ) and peak of COM speed by functional Limits of Stability (FLOS). The result showed that in all directions with anterior and medio-lateral, but not with a posterior component, larger FLOS displacement during the Kinski game than during the Wiiski game. Kinski game increase maximal COM displacement and COM speed than Wiiski game (de Vries et al., 2018).

Changing the gain settings between the balance board and therefore the movements of the avatar, by low pass filtering techniques or double integration might bring the COP controller nearer to a COM based mostly controller. Moreover, the gain settings may well be any adjusted by applying the FLOS test to challenge the individual level and develop changes in their FLOS (Lafond et al., 2004). Although the type of controller features a massive impact on the observed movements, different factors like the task of the sport, specific rewards or penalties and nature of the feedback may additionally justify variations between games.

In additional medial-lateral(M-L) weight shift, different directions mustn’t be neglected in a very complete balance exercise programme, as there’s proof for each anterior-posterior (A-P)( Pajala et al., 2008) and M-L(Raymakers et al., 2005) balance performance to be connected with age and falling .Thus suggested the Kinski as a better method of balance training for older adults. (de Vries et al. , 2018).

Updated: Aug 12, 2021
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Effects of Two Exercise Protocols on the Balance Among Older Adults essay
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