The Downfall of Eddie Carbone

Justice is the key factor in the final outcome of "A view from the bridge". Without the need for it, the conclusion would have been totally different (and boring). The character that affects the story the most is most certainly Eddie. Even to start off with he is a man that demands respect- his "name" is important to him and he will fight to get it back (like when he claims that Marco took and dishonoured his name).

In his eyes, justice must be done, in scene one, he gets Beatrice to tell Catherine the story of Vinny Bolanzo- the kid who caused injustice by "snitching" to immigration about some illegal immigrants.

Even though it is illegal, Eddie and most of the community see it as injustice. Vinny was brutally punished and shamed. Eddie has his strongest feeling of injustice when Rodolpho arrives. Eddie has been a father to Catherine all her life and "gave her the food out of his mouth".

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He paid money to her so that she would meet a better class of people and there are subtle hints that he is attracted to her as well. He is justified to feel jealous and spiteful towards Rudolph when he comes over from Italy and wins Catherine's heart. He feels betrayed by Catherine that she has suddenly run off and lives her own life (this also could be attributed to his fear of Catherine growing up, and that she is not his little baby anymore. Because Eddie thinks that Rudolph is gay, he thinks he is committing a great injustice by marrying Catherine just for his citizenship papers.

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So he feels that he must bring his own justice upon him He tries to imply justice on Rodolph by legal means; so he goes to Alfieri. Alfiery calmly tells him that Rodolpho has not done anything illegal by proposing to Catherine, and the only thing he has done wrong was the means by which he entered the county. Eddie decides to take it upon himself to get rid of Rodolpho, using whatever it takes. Unfortunately for Marco, he is the innocent victim of Eddies attempt to rid New York of Rodolpho.

He quickly realises that Eddie is to blame for the appearance of the immigration officers and get slightly ticked off. He feels that justice need to be brought on him as he "killed his children". If he did something similar in Italy, he would have to pay for the crime in a fight. He comments on America in the prison scene- "I don't understand this country". Eventually he challenges Eddie, but Eddie pulls a knife on him. In the end though, as it is fated to happen, it is Eddie who ends up being killed

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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