Development Of a Convention Center in Angeles City, The Philippines

Keni! miusap tamu; a widespread invitation to talk over something interesting – intriguing yet fascinating to the curious open ears and inspired eyes. A meeting juicier than the latest trend and gossip, people from here and there gather around to hear the conveyance of a prominent mind’s content and be correlated to other’s mind. In the hall, they circle around to satiate they eyes with visuals and mediums of endless form. For people to reach their endeavor and achieve their common goal, a convention is held in order to achieve its purpose, with a reunion for the people with the same interest are held annually.

It is as every day that people share information and knowledge for a specific field to update each other through orally, written or even through online. An entwining of knowledge among the people, it creates a fiber that holds together the community.

Meant to bring together people to discuss and explore their mutual interest of a specific subject was the Convention Center born.

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During the 19th Century in Britain, it is known first as Exhibition Halls, pompous Victorian building covering hectares of land and multi-functional building incorporating lecture halls, library, galleries, theaters and exhibition areas. To later on, the need for dedicated meeting spaces require a less traditional corporate environment, new breed of multi-purpose convention centers were born. A convention center is a large building dedicated for small or large group to share and exchange information or knowledge with common interest. A convention center may include check-ins, meet and greet with various famous people, booths and vendor display area for commerce and leisure, presentations either business or educational, key-note speaker prominent to their field or profession, guest panels with question and answer, and social activities which may include arts, cooking, gardening, sports, games and many more to include.

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The terms convention and conference are often interchanged. Conventions are reserved for very large gathering and often include trade shows and contain at least one exhibition hall.

On the other hand, conferences are esoteric gathering and usually formal; from the delegate’s dress and attire to content and speaker, work-oriented; discussion and brainstorming to produce solution to work problem, lectures; with professionals as speaker to share in-depth knowledge, training sessions, and round table meetings; participants agree to a specific topic to discuss and debate. Once in a while, it is important to organize or held a convention for people to converge and induce social interaction beyond the community.

Filipinos, to be specific are naturally charismatic and relish in socialization whether introverts, extroverts and ambiverts alike; socializing is a key part of the human experience. Through socializing comes the information presented in straightforward manner that is easily understandable. With information being shared, it gives inspiration and encourages people to discover and unfold even more innovations. Being open to other countries, more discoveries and innovations are exchanged to further progress the development of the country and even new products not familiar to the common eyes are being introduced through product launch. With Philippines having cities that are economically advanced and ever-growing statistic of annual tourist, the country is capable of organizing or orchestrating events for people across the world to converge. It would lead to an open door to the country for prominent and competent people to disseminate their advance knowledge to the minds of the people. The Philippines now is also capable of hosting international events such as Olympics, conference such as the ASEAN Summit Meeting and even the world’s biggest wildlife conference was hosted by the Philippines during 2017. Structures such as the SMX Convention Center and the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) are few of the famous Convention Centers in the Philippines to host local, national and even international gatherings. Few of the inspiration for the development of the projects is the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) itself.

The PICC was designed by Leandro V. Locsin, a Filipino National Artist in Architecture. The PICC Complex formally opened on September 5, 1976 to host the arenas in the Asia-Pacific Region by being the venue of political summits, medical conventions and concerts of international artists. The PICC has more than 70, 000 square meters of floor area and a range of facilities that can accommodate almost any gathering of any size and spaces versatile enough to be transformed into almost any amount of settings for any kind of exhibition, convention or special events.

Angeles City is an independent highly-urbanized city located within Pampanga together with Clark, formed the hub of business, industry, aviation and tourism, entertainment and gaming center for Central Luzon. It is only 17 kilometers from San Fernando, Pampanga which is considered to be the regional center of Central Luzon. With Angeles having various networking, a probable building for convention can help the city to open more doors of opportunities. With having a building open to all networking, latest innovations can be spread more quickly; new technology and discoveries can be shared to the community. Angeles City being the crossroad also host several giant malls such as Robinson’s Mall, Shoe Mart, Marquee Mall, and Nepo Mall; local revenue, money supply, and job generation provided by these developments are to the advantage of the city. Having Metro Manila congested with human population, structure and vehicular traffic, the proponent had issued a research in Angeles City on the impact of an international convention center in relevance to various factor elaborated within the study.

The City of Angeles has vast amount of variety of structure for the needs and necessity of its people and even to its tourist. Having strategic location, Angeles city is also a thriving hub for trade and can easily market neighboring region. The city is viable for investors to profit and invest due to the fact that the city is a thriving hub for tourism and commerce. With tourism being a big contribution to the city’s economy and welfare of the people, a hub for huge amount of people would significantly increase its tourism. Because of Angeles City being a crossroad, it functions as the central trade and tourism hub in Central Luzon. Because of this huge market potential, urban and economic activities will tend to converge at Angeles. Being a highly-urbanized city, it will be good to showcase variety of innovation. With the growth of annual tourist arrivals, the requirement for amenities to accommodate their quantities also increases. With the city lacking complex structure to hold a convention, exhibition and exposition activity for large quantity of people; it has given way for the proponent to conduct a research regarding a proposed International Convention Center within the city to satisfy the need of a converging point within this crossroad which shall generate job employment and further boost in economy. It would also help preserve the culture of the Kapampangan to others through some various activities.

The city may lack complex structure to accommodate large quantity of people but it doesn’t mean they cannot provide similar services of a convention center. Within the region Kingsborough International Convention Center and Fontana Convention Center would somehow hinder the proponent in the proposal. Kingsborough International Convention is located within San Fernando, the heart of the region where it caters the province. The Fontana on the other hand can accommodate only few group compared to Kingsborough. SMX Convention Center boasts its modern facilities and well-known to host conventions but external factors may affect the satisfaction such as heavy traffic to-and-fro. The PICC located within Pasay is a famous International Convention Center that had catered many international, regional or national events and would be a challenge for the proponent to device a different strategy in order to be as effective and viable as the PICC. Though relative factors can be used to determine manners by which how problems should be approached.

There are several tangible factors that would benefit; these benefactors would include but not limited to:

  1. City – with the emerging of an international convention center within the city, it would help boost the tourism of the city due to increase of tourist and boost in economy as investors would be interested in investing because of increased business. With strong economy, business would enjoy greater prosperity, it will lower the unemployment rate of the city, and disposable income would be high.
  2. Society – the locals would also benefit the project as it will give way to job opportunities. Having many tourists, the locals can also help preserve their culture by sharing it to foreigners such as their local dialect and history.
  3. Target users – not only will it have significance to the community, the users included would also benefit as new technologies, discoveries, innovations are shared within the convention center. It can also help inspire and educate them through organizing activities and inviting professional speakers and satisfy their social needs by providing various social activities such as expo and exhibitions.
Updated: Feb 26, 2024
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