Defining Characteristics of Millenials Generation

The generation of millennials has been very unique compared to past generations due to growing up with technology, also the parents of the millennials have protected them too much from facing any difficulty in their lives. Millennials have grown up during a time that is full of technology. Millennials are a self-absorbed generation. The millennial generation only cares about themselves. Millennials parents are worse than them sometimes due to their parents doing everything for them. Parents have been present at interviews for their kids job ( as cited in Tyler, 2007, p.

480). They have even tried to bail their kids out of something if they do something that is bad. ( as cited in Tyler, 2007, p.480). There is not anything wrong with helping your kids out but sometimes you have to let them fix it or figure it out themselves.. Millennials have become dependent on their parents because their parents spoiled them through life. Making choices that are good or bad are a part of life.

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With millennials, some of their choices define all the people in their generation. Millennials have not really grown up much due to their thinking that everything revolves around them. Their parents have let them become less independent which is not good. When they become dependent on a parent they do less things for themselves.

Millennials have had many things that other generations have not had. Other generations did not even have as much technology as millennials had. Many past generations grew up outside playing games and when the street lights went off that was a signal to go inside.

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Joel Stein described millennials as “ The Me Me Me Generation” ( as cited in Burns, 2013, p. 483). Millennials are known to only care about themselves. All the things that millennials do are not really bad they are just not thought out. Millennials should think about something before they do it. If millennials did more things by themselves they would seem to be more independent. They think they are the star of show in everything that they do. Joel Stein also said of millennials they have a “technology addiction” ( as cited in Burns, 2013, p.483). Millennials are a very selfish and conceited generation. Millennials spend more time on technology than having conservations with people. Millennials rely on their parents more than other generations. Technology is not a bad thing but millennials use it too much. Millennials are less engaged due to high usage of technology. Millennials also grew up in an era where there were all kinds of cellular devices and social media. They all have or use a social media account to post things or find out information about things that are happening within their generation. Millennials use Instagram and Twitter the most out of any other social media apps. Millennials do not spend as much time with their friends and family do to their use of social media.

Due to the characteristics of millennials being unique they are more articles talking about them in a good and bad way. There is always something about millennials on the web everybody talks about them. Even though they are very different they also have good characteristics about them. Millennials enjoy working in groups. They can be social when not attached to technology. Millennials are one of the generations that gets picked on. Many millennials use technology as a form of communication with their parents. All millennials are not bad but their habits as a generation make them all look bad. Even though they spend a lot of time with social media they still can tell a person what is happening in the world. It is not necessarily a sad thing when it is said that millennials are going to change a future generation. Events that have and are happening in world have changed generations of young people. Millennials were young or old during attacks that have happened in America.

Many have lived through attacks on people or a events. They have more knowledge than other generations had. Most millennials from their generation are still young and some of them are older. Although millennials have characteristics that may seem uncommon they are a very defined generation. Jean Twenge refers to millennials having a “narcissistic quality” among their generation ( as cited in Burns, 2013, p.483). The millennial generation have received many things that they did not earn it was given to them just because. Millennials have made it through their years of high school by their teachers and parents making sure that they pass. Warner (2010) says that millennials are “entitled whiners who were spoiled by their parents” their teachers gave good grades they didn’t really deserve ( as cited in Burns, 2013, p.483). Parents of millennials have boosted their self-esteem by teaching them that they deserve more than they really do. Millennials have been protected by their parents from having their feelings hurt. Millennials have gotten cellular devices at an early age most of them received phones before the age of 13. Millennials have grown up having a life in which they were spoiled and entitled. Jeanne Achille describes technology as a way to “communicate with her daughter” ( as cited in Tyler, 2007, p.478).

Parents of millennials would probably not hear from their children if there was no form of technology. Other generations before the millennial generation have had a high influence on millennials. Millennials do not have any connections with people that are not in their generation. Jordan Grafman mentions that our “prefrontal cortex is good for planning, making decisions, and reasoning ( as cited in Tyler, 2007, p.479). The brains of millennials are still growing actively. Robert Epstein mentions that when “parents do everything for their kids they stop their development”( as cited in Tyler, 2007, p.479). Millennials always have to count on someone else because they are not used to counting on themselves. They are some people from the millennial generation that are independent and can count on themselves. Millennials don’t trust themselves with things because they like things to be already done for them.

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