Defensive driving Essay

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Defensive driving

From a cursory search on “defensive driving” via Google, it became obvious to me that defensive driving courses are highly in demand and a huge money-maker, as well. On the first Google search page there were only 2 sites dedicated to disseminating information to the public at no cost on the methods to drive defensively. On the other hand, a total of 19 sites offered courses in defensive driving, including sponsored links. The question is; are people more in need of defensive driving courses or is this simply a way for drivers, who are ticketed to pay for there citations literally?

I believe that this is a combination of the two, as cell phones, iPods, and other technical devices have a negative effect on driving. Also people are increasingly overworked in my opinion, leading to stress that is culminated on the roadways. However, it seems that in the fact that courts are requiring ticketed individuals to simply take defensive driving classes and not attempting to address the root causes of bad driving that this is giving drivers the “green light” to continue their lifestyles as long as they do not display their aggression and apathy on the streets.

According to “Keys to the Road”, 1 of the 2 sites on the search page, 1/3 of crashes are caused by aggressive drivers. In addition to that hazard, other drivers are simply distracted by cell phone use, eating, and watching television while driving, according to this site. Some advice given to teens here are commonsense; stay focused, stay alert, and watch out for the other guy. Of course I have been distracted on the road, usually due to thinking about a test I have to take or something intellectual and that is the road to a ticket as I could run a stop sign or crash into someone.

This, of course, would lead me to having to take a defensive driving course. These defensive driving courses seem to me to be an entrepreneur’s dream. Courses are a requirement for some traffic violators, so their revenue is guaranteed. Though, the competition to teach these courses appears fierce. Courses can be taken online, in a classroom, or by watching a dvd followed by calling a number to take the test via phone. You can even register to have comedians teach you defensive driving, according to one Google ad.

This seems a comedy in itself to me; aggressive drivers and comedians mingling together in a situation that has to be embarrassing for both parties. If it were up to me, I would have an easier time admitting to my family and friends that I was a bad driver than admitting my job was to provide comic relief whilst dispensing defensive driving techniques. In conclusion, defensive driving courses are on the rise. The jury is still out, however, on whether the number of courses are equal to the number of bad drivers.

Regardless, watching television and eating while driving is ridiculous and for that one should be forced to take a defensive driving course taught by ninjas, in my opinion. Having comedians as teachers should be reserved for the worst offenders and a sitcom should be made about this type of thing, if you ask me; just be sure that you don’t watch the sitcom while you are driving, though. That is dangerous. Works Cited http://www. google. com/search? q=defensive+driving&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org. mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a. http://kidshealth. org/teen/safety/driving/driving_safety. html.

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