Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe: Character Review

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The novel’s problem with every day lives of normal human beings seems to rely upon two crucial situations: the population should cost every person highly sufficient to take into describing him the right challenge of its severe literature; and there has to be enough variety of perception and movement among everyday people for an in-depth account of them to be of hobby to other regular human beings, the readers of fiction. Probably, neither of these situations for the lifestyles of the novel obtained very widely till fairly recently because they each rely upon the upward thrust of a society characterized with the aid of that vast complex of interdependent factors denoted by the term ‘individualism’.

Even the work is recent, it is from the middle of the 19th century. In all ages, no doubt, and in all societies, some people have been ‘individualists’ inside the sense that they have been egocentric, unique or conspicuously independent of modern opinions and habits; but the concept of individualism involves more than this.

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It posits a whole society specially governed via the concept of every person’s freedom each from other individuals and from that mixed allegiance to beyond modes of notion and movement denoted employing the term ‘tradition’

There is a problem of human nature in special political tiers in Robinson Crusoe with some relative examples from Gulliver’s Travels We can apprehend each of the individualism and egocentricity in Robinson Crusoe’s character, and his dreads that portray human nature. Furthermore, Gulliver’s Travels, which is as a satire on human nature in the same duration as Robinson Crusoe, also factors out and criticizes specific emotions in human psychology.

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We can observe that Defoe portrays in Robison Crusoe diverse factors of individualism.

Firstly, Robison Crusoe is an example of a homo economicus, that is, an economic man that symbolizes the new outlook of individualism in its economic aspect. All Defoe's heroes pursue money, and we can see this very truly in Robinson Crusoe the tale starts off evolved Robinson Crusoe going to his Brazilian plantation, but his ship turned into wrecked and he changed into the best survivor in an island. And on this island, he regards the island generally as a property to be evolved for his personal use Colonization is part of the ideology because it englobes different types of culture including political and legal activities.

Updated: Feb 28, 2024
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