Curfew laws vary from state to state or city to city. Teen laws in the state of Georgia often say that any child under the age of 18 can not be out past a certain time. Then again this law varies between the cities of Georgia. Curfew laws are set to help decrease the juvenile crime rates in the start of Georgia. These laws are also out to save minors from criminals. Certain fines and charges can be held against any teens that break this law.

I have learned from experience that I will not break this law again. I understand that teens want to be out late because its summer and want to hang out with friends but you cant be out roaming the town without adult supervision unless you’re above the age of 18. Most people don’t see what the big deal of being out late because they don’t seem to be doing anything wrong but they are still breaking a law.

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Violating curfew laws can have a variety of possible outcomes. Juveniles often get a fine or ticket depending on how the police want to deal with it. Other outcomes are that you have to be on a watch by local authorities. Even though curfew isn’t really that big of a deal it is still a law that we have to abide by with no questions asked. Police departments handle the situation sometimes based on past violations or might let you off with a warning.

To save yourself from violating this law, just make sure you are inside of a place or out of harms way.

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The reason behind this law is to keep minors safe. There are criminals out in the world to hurt minors and this law helps keep them safe. Teens that are out past curfew are in danger of getting into even more trouble besides violating the law for curfew. Curfew laws apply to certain people that can not be out past a certain time. It is important that

Updated: Jul 20, 2021
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