Cultural industries Essay

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Cultural industries

A conception referring to the creation, production and distribution of goods and services that are cultural in nature Examples include the music industry, film production, craft and design, architecture, sports, advertising and cultural tourism. Cultural policy Guiding principles that affect unswervingly the cultural uniqueness of a society Are formed by decision makers, managers and promoters Have the primary functions of aiding in the production, distribution, management, preservation and consumption of culture in the society

May be international, national or regional in structure, formulation, adoption and implementation The key priorities of cultural most national cultural policies include; • Conservation, restoration and reconstruction of cultural heritage • Creation of cultural legislation • Creation of cultural administration systems • Protection of the media from state interference • Promoting Cultural Education Introduction of cultural industries to cultural policy Introduced by Greater London Council (GLC) in 1983

GLC justified the inclusion based on the notion that cultural practices and tastes of a society are exhibited and shaped by the commercial forms of culture hence the need for policies to foster and protect cultural industries Advocated for the allocation of more resources to the broadcasting industry in order to disseminate information to capture the interest of the people and the need to use investment in cultural industries as a tool to economic revitalization Creative policy Creativity adopted in cultural industries policies to protect creative industries such as the television and software development industries.

Creative policies protect cultural industries thereby ensuring originality, innovativeness and competitiveness in cultural development. Notable ones are creative cities and creative clusters The creative industries cultural policies purposely serve to support cultural development, reward creativity and originality in individuals and groups, and to apply creativity to economic development Copyright laws Helps in the regulation and protection of cultural industries Significant changes in Copyright brought about by the WTO and the EU

Primarily takes the form of patents; which would help in the protection of new ideas, trademarks which serves to offer uniqueness to cultural products and copyrights to help in the protection of literary or artistic works Recommendations Proper policy and regulation should be embraced for people to explore behold the discriminatory wastefulness of art subsidy at the expense of other industries Resourceful use of the available financial backing to foster and preserve cultural industries Development and adoption of realistic policies by policy makers

Integration of the cultural sector to the education sector in order to produce creative and more innovative workers The government should also avail funds to policy makers to aid in the development of regenerative possibilities of cultural industries’ development. Development of cultural polices compatible with the political cultural and technological advancement of the economy Discussion Questions 1. From the presentation above, justify the inclusion of cultural industries to cultural policy 2. Discuss forms of creative policy adopted to protect creative industries

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