Cultural Awareness of Syria

Culture is a way of life to a social or ethnic group which is the fundamental foundation, and the birth of purpose for a country’s sole cultural existence. Countries of which share common interests like; arts, social institutions, achievements, beliefs, and customs. Through culture, society also defines itself with language, religion, values, and the way that a society share their land with one another, and in some cases, wage war for it. All of these major characteristics define a culture and separates one country from another.

Syria is a society of people from a rich diversity that is filled with multiple interests like; arts, infrastructure, a complex geography and climate, religions of all kinds, and military conflicts that have greatly impacted their society. Along with having all other aspects of a deep cultural dependency, Syria in itself has a large culture worth further exploration.

Syrian culture largely revolves around its religious group, also called a sect. There is a plethora of other large religious groups that coexist in Syria.

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Larger groups are known as the Druze, Alawite, other Muslim sects like Islam, Christianity and a smaller group of Judaism. These religions, all have their own practices as well as their own form of interest in prayer and arts. A mosque is known as a Muslim house of worship, Islam is a religion of the Muslims, a monotheistic faith regarded as revealed through Muhammad as the Prophet of Allah. There are no clergies or priests in Islam like there is in Christianity, or Judaism, but they do share some prophets, beliefs, and traditions.

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Although there are no priests or clergy, there are people whose occupation revolve around spreading the word of Allah through the Qur’an. Memorizing and reciting from the Qur’an and from secular poetry is a popular form of entertainment and considered a performance art (Stanford, E. 2019). Regardless of stratum the Qur’an is widely regarded through the people of Syria. Whether you are of a different class, generally they all still practice the arts of the Qur’an. Traditionally, Syrian society is segregated, and different stratums do not socialize with one another. Each social structure knows and coexist with the knowledge that their place in society, whether upper or lower class, is mostly decided upon birth and or education among families. Education has moved some lower class Syrian families into a middle class classification and in some cases, upper class. There are other ways to classify a family simply by the way they are dressed, occupation and in some cases the tone of their skin. Landlords, merchants, and the family of landholders traditionally held a higher position, but lived and managed these properties from afar. In some cases, they resided in Damascus, the national capital of Syria, and Aleppo, the largest city in Syria, two locations known for their urban and or suburban classification.

Cities like Damascus and Aleppo, are known for their infrastructure, agriculture and severe climate which range but are not limited to droughts to dust storms. Located in remote areas there is little wildlife that can withstand these harsh environments. Their desert has buzzards, eagles, and multiple species of lizards, but is not limited to birds of prey and reptiles. Hyenas, foxes, and wolves also reside is smaller portions of Syria. Regardless of weather and climate, the agriculture in Syria does well to grow cotton, wheat, lentils and other crops. Although it seems to have scarce resources of agriculture due to drought, the country of Syria maintains not only a multitude of crops, but a diverse form of livestock not only limited to beef and poultry. Agriculture, oil and textiles make up a majority of Syria’s economy and is how this country has been maintaining its way of life over the last couple of years during its civil war. Through all its forms to maintain and sustain, the country of Syria does trade with its surrounding countries, and those countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea. Syria is bordered by Iraq, Lebanon, the Mediterranean Sea, Israel, Jordan, and Turkey. Their trade extends as far as Germany and is not limited to solely crops but its abundance of oil. Syria’s coastline runs along the Mediterranean Sea within Lebanon and Turkey. Their geography in general terms, is a flat desert plateau, dissected by mountains with narrow coastal plain that fronts the Mediterranean Sea (Syrian Arab Republic Geography, 2017).

Updated: Sep 22, 2021
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