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First, we will explain what the control system is a control system is a system provides the desired response by controlling the output this picture shows the simplified form of control system, One of the most interesting areas of control is engineering, because effective systems control requires systems to be properly understood, and the control engineer must also often look to control systems that are incomprehensible. The current challenge to control engineers is modeling and monitoring modern, complex and interconnected systems, it is also considered an important control system in modern technical society, in terms of control over simple machines and complex machines, the engineering control is part of our daily lives.

We can also consider a control system that is a device, or a set of devices that manages the behavior of other devices. A control system is a connection between connected or related components in a way that makes it command, route, or organize itself or another system.

The control system is a conceptual framework for systems design with organizational and tracking capabilities to give desired performance. For this, there must be a set of measurable signals for performance, another set of measurable signals to influence the evolution of the system in a timely manner and a third group that is not measurable but disturbs development.

The system is controlled by hand-held devices of modern systems and developed and used with newly overcome electrical and mechanical devices, and this hand can be used as a smart muscle to simulate muscle tissue, which means that this hand can work without large electronic devices that usually make artificial limbs not practical.

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This system is used in computer control programs, music control programs, videos and many other things, but I will use it to move a wheelchair to help the disabled. I will explain this project as this project will make a quantum leap between man and machine. Where this machine will be working on the user commands, we can also say its human machine interface. Because there are many people with disabilities who find it difficult to move from one place to another, they have to ask someone to help the chair but with the wheelchair controlled manually, the disabled person is independent and does not need to ask anyone else to move his wheelchair. Only with the movement of his hand, the disabled person can move from one place to another without the need to help anyone who makes him dependent on himself.

  • Wheel chair is the best assistive device used by elder and disabled people
  • The riving and controlling of traditional wheel chair are much harder task


In this project, a difficult technique is used to help disabled people who cannot move their fingers using precise control, which makes the disabled in the absence of any help from anyone.

  • This project is to develop a wheel chair for physically disabled people
  • The wheel chair is controlled by hand movement & hand gestures
  • The gestures chair is recognized by an accelerometer sensor
  • An ultrasonic sensor is used to detect the obstacles in front of the chair
  •  The signals from the sensors are processed, and the wheel chair is controlled by atmega-328 micro controller


Power circuit

The arduino output terminals are connected to the motor driver’s input (L293D) and the motor output is connected to a 2 motor DC input. This circuit is used to feed the project control circuit with the required power.

Control circuit

In this circuit the device will be connected Arduino UNO with Accelerometer sensor where that

Arduino UNO

Arduino is a single-board microcontroller meant to make the application more accessible which are interactive objects and its surrounding. The hard ware features with an open-source hardware board designed around an 8-bit Atmel AVR microcontroller. Current models consists a USB interface, 6 analog input pins and 14 digital I/O pins that allows the user to attach various extension boards.

Accelerometer sensor

  • Accelerometer sensor is used to recognize the hand gestures
  • It recognizes the acceleration of the hand in both x and y -axes
  • It produces different numerical values corresponding to the direction acceleration
  • Driver motor circuit (L293D)
  • Supply voltage, VCC1 (12V)
  • Output supply voltage, VCC2 (12 V)
  • Input voltage, VI (7 V)
  • Output voltage, VO (-3 VCC2 + 3 V)

In this circuit each pair of driver is a complete reflection motor H suitable for solenoid applications, the camp diodes must be used for high-speed exothermal output of the transient L293D, these diodes are combined to reduce system complexity and overall system size AV is separate from Vccz and the arduino is connected with buttery 5V the motor driver is connected to a 9V battery in order to operate the system.

Questions of the project

What is the idea chosen for implementation?

CONTROL MACHINE USING HAND GESTUER, where this machine will be working on the user commands, we can also say its human machine interface. Because there are many people with disabilities who find it difficult to move from one place to another, they have to ask someone to help the chair but with the wheelchair controlled manually, the disabled person is independent and does not need to ask anyone else to move his wheelchair.

Why this idea specifically?

Because they are considered as suitable ideas for the level of the team in terms of possibilities, cost and programming to a large extent, The disabled face a great difficulty in movement, so if the disabled face a problem in moving the fingers too

What is the benefit of the project?

  • Help the disabled to move easily without relying on someone else.
  • This project is not expensive in large proportion.
  • Control the motion of wheel chair.
  • The control circuit of the project can be used in more than one project in terms of control of other devices is not the chair just.

What are the advantages of this project?

Cost less / easy to use for Zoe

How this idea is implemented?

Using modern controllers and technology, where I will use DC motor Driver motor (L293D), arduino UNO and Accelerometer sensor, which will make this project easier to use for disabled people.

Are the elements of the project available?


What is the specific cost of the work of the project?

  1. DC motor (275EGP)
  2. Driver motor (L293D) 850EGP
  3. Battery 9V (15EGP) and 12V (450EGP)
  4. arduino UNO 145 EGP

Which consists of the project?

  1. DC motor 2- Driver motor (L293D)
  2. Battery 9V and 12V 4-arduino UNO

When the idea is delivered and whether the time is sufficient for the correct implementation?

20 week is quite suitable

Where will you implement this idea?

In the special laboratory of the faculty

What laboratories and workshops that must be used to complete the process of implementation and testing circuit?

Embedded systems + Robotics labs

Time line

No Task Dependence Duration(Weeks)

  • A Search for the proposal – 2
  • B Search for the idea of the project – 1
  • C Search of the information of project B 3
  • D Research about the circuit. C 1
  • E Searching for the component. D 2
  • F Searching for methodology of the project B,C 3
  • G Searching for risks and Specification of the project F 1
  • H Making a final image about the project. F,G 2
  • I Making the Arduino programming for the project H 3
  • J Testing and repair the faults in the project I 1
  • K Making a prototype for the project and test it J 2

Total of duration = 21 week

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