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Arfa Batik

From the backyard of the founders house, our exclusive hand drawn batik is now a multi million ringgit industry with markets as far ranging as Europe and the Middle East. Our batik fashion house or haute couture combines contemporary design and traditional Malay motifs into batik of simple elegance, and are very much sought out by discerning customers from around the world.


We are involve in various batik production processes from manufacturing from printing, colouring/dyeing, designing and tailoring, wholesaling, exporting to retailing of our batik products.

We seek to open a chain of Noor Arfa Batik retail throughout the world through franchising. Noor Arfa is Malaysian’s largest commercial Batek producer. Noor Arfa has built a reputation as the leading manufacturer of superior hand – drawn fashion items and accessories. We also train and develop master craftsmen that consistently produce quality with excellence. We stand out as leader in our industry in the way we have perfected the art of combining distinct colour with classic designs and traditional Malay motives, to create Batek of simple elegance.

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The Market Noor Arfa Franchise operates in a dynamic and evolving marketplace. Consumers are presented with many options for batik textile and we see a growing interest in fashionable and contemporary batik that address the need to be trendy and yet unique in identity. We find our customers desiring the look that is Malaysian and yet global in application. Noor Arfa addresses this gap in the market by providing a more comprehensive product range that addresses the various needs of the different segment of the market for batik wear and textile.

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Our customers would also not have to worry about quality as we provide a consistent buying experience with our quality policy which is to produce excellent quality product that satisfy our customer needs. We also believe there are other areas of the market that would benefit from our products which we have not yet targeted. For example we see huge potential in offering our product to the trendy and fashionable young market which is looking for cool and “in” fashion wear. This is an area of the market that is fully aware of the benefits of self identity and yet contemporary.

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