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Competition is hotels and travel agencies

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Essay, Pages 3 (629 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (629 words)

Competitive Comparison:

Right now, there are few competitors offering services comparable to City Air Intl. Nevertheless, considering the step of change and existing growth rate of the tourism industry attracting many companies into the sector, this may be short-lived. Later there will be a need to not only firmly begin their selves on the market, but also strongly differentiate their identities from these other businesses. Yet, on broader scale City Air’s competition comes in several forms:

An analysis of competition is provided in the Market Analysis section of this plan.

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  • a) Nature Of Competition:

The most significant competition is hotels and travel agencies offering travel excursions to their clients. They undertake this service in order to establish a competitive advantage over their competitors. However, instead of directly competing with them we intend to establish good working relationships in the form of strategic alliances such that we are able to offer the service for their clients and thus enabling them to concentrate on their core activities whilst ensuring customers are fully satisfied.

Sunshine’s key advantage in this regard will be their specialty of the service and hence wide knowledge ensuring customer satisfaction at all times as well as flexibility in providing the service. Competition is the main part in any business. Every business has competition. In travel agency business Sunshine Travel Air will find a lot of competition. The main nature of competition is very few. Such as

  • Quality Travel Packages.
  • Good service.
  • Locality.
  • Facilities.

So, the Sunshine Travel Air want to provide all types things, which are very important in market and by doing that they will beat their competitors.

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  • b) Primary Competitors:

Today, competition is not only widespread but growing more penetrating every time. In Bangladesh the most leading competitors of City Air Intl. are the DANA AVIATIONS, VISION TOURS & TRAVELS, SAMEER TRAVELS, and TRAVEL ONLINE etc. Existing hotels, lodges and travel agencies may identify the opportunity to diversify into their intended services utilizing their current client database. Naturally, existing clients will be inclined towards utilizing these familiar companies due to the fact that a good relationship may have already been nurtured over the years during their business dealings. This presents a potential challenge to Sunshine, as they need to aggressively market their services and expertise in the field.

  • c) Bases Of Competition:

Some bases of competitions are given below:

  • Threat of new entrants.
  • Substitutes.
  • Buyers bargaining power.
  • Supplier’s power.

Competition And Buying Patterns

The key element in service utilization decisions made at the company’s client level is trust in the reputation and reliability of the firm. The most important factor in this market will be the quality of the service and places of excursion. This is particularly so considering the various interests of individuals and groups as they strive to see as many places as possible. The very nature of Sunshine’s Travel Air services dictates that the pricing of their services will vary according to distance traveled, as different customers opt to visit different areas and within specified time frames. In Sunshine’s Travel Air line of business, clients often compare travel companies directly, looking for two, or more, possible companies. However, they usually follow word of mouth recommendations obtained from hotels, travel agencies, government departments, car hire companies and other such related companies.

An Analysis Of The Primary And Secondary Competitors Of City Air Intl.

Primary Players Weakness


  • Vision Tours & Travels
  • High Price, less scope for local people
  • Variety masters for upper-class people
  • Dana aviation
  • Low in investment in Ads
  • Fewer Variations of packages


Any Kind of travels operators

  • Highly Expensive (Concentrate more on upper class)
  • Customize preparations.
  • Fast services.
  • Excellent ambiance

Tours Operators

  • Comparatively expensive.
  • Low in investment in Ads.
  • Delivery of services not satisfactory
  • Variety of packages masters for tour operators.

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