Comparison Between The Uniqueness Of Korean And American Cultures And Values

There are a diversity of people living in different countries of the continent yet they don’t know the cultural values in the countries they live in. Mostly, this happens when people are out for vacations, honeymoon or any other reason that takes a very short period of time like a week or less. This, therefore, makes one not able to know better about different cultures and values to the country. This thus calls upon those who aspire to visit the country to be familiar with the country’s customs.

They have to learn the culture and values of those countries to make life easier for them. Each country has its own culture though some may be similar some are different. Korea and America have some similarities and differences in their culture and values of their countries.

The difference in terms of food. We can see that Koreans mainly eat rice accompanied by other side dishes. Their favorite side dishes is Soju a clear kind of vodka drink served with rice.

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Also, Kimchi which is made of sliced cabbages that are then fermented with red chilies and fish source. This Kimchi is among the top healthiest diets in the world. However, the Westerners don’t like the Kimchi because of its strong feeling of Gallic savor. They prefer hamburgers and sandwiches as their traditional meals. These meals are simple to prepare and convenient to eat especially traveling.

Respect for elders. In Korea, young people bow their heads to elders. When of the same age, they both bow their heads slightly to show respect.

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They don’t address by calling the names since it shows a sign of rudeness. This is in contrast to Americans who call upon the names of either young or elders.1st January is a special occasion in both countries. In Korea, All young children bow for their aunts, uncles, grandparents and any other elders around greeting them “happy new year”.

The difference in terms of schooling. For Koreans, in elementary and primary schools, the students left for school at 8 am and come back home at 3 pm in the evening. This is because they have to struggle out of their effort to join colleges. They have to study hard for the competition. In Korea, the class is 40 to 50 minutes with a break of 10 to 20 minutes with an hour for lunch. In America, students left for school at 8 am and come back home at 4 pm.They have short breaks and the students are to rush for a class within 5 minutes. Anyway, the American students are always happy for their education as compared to the Koreans.

Music in Korea has made the singers be more popular around the globe, in different countries like Japan, China, Taiwan and many others. Example, like the super junior group consisting of 12 people made an album. The album was ranked the best over 56weeks. Singers also spread through the internet, with concerts in different cities of the world like New York, Paris. Yet they are not very well known. Whereas in America, musicians who are popular and traveled to different countries of the continent as well are very much known even in Korea itself. Example, in Korean schools students, enjoy singing songs of American musicians and in English exams, they use American songs to test attending.

Lastly, Entertainment is another distinguishing culture between the two countries. In Korea, during weekends, the students watch movies and segment some meals together. They also play computer games since Korea has the fastest on the internet in the world. This gives the students an opportunity to use the internet especially in pc rooms, where they enjoy using the internet. They can also spend their time playing soccer. On the other hand, Americans spend most of their weekend times playing video games at home since they don’t have the pc rooms due to the poor internet as compared to Korea.

The necessity for Division of Korean Peninsula

Korea has been a battleground for many years and thus it calls upon for division. The peninsula was ruled as chanson dynasty which existed for 5 centuries until 1910. Here Japan and China were competing over Korea for power and ideas. Japan annexation, therefore, led to the surrender of Japan to the allies after the 2nd world war. This forced the split of the Peninsula to Northern and Southern Korea since it fell as a victim of cold war. Therefore, the country could not stand rather divide.

It’s difficult to unify the two states of Korea. Northern and southern Korea have led different lives more than 70 years ago. This means the two countries experience different lifestyles with different culture and values. Politically, the South Koreans practice democratic rights which is as a result of the ancient shaping of life. On the other hand, northern Korea is a state of propaganda and ideologies to the regime to become an epicenter. Also repression, and punishment is universal and the country depends much on coercion and terror to withstand the regime.

Updated: Feb 19, 2024
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