Cockroaches Symbolize the Gangs of Fresno in the Novel, Buried Onions by Gary Soto

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The cockroaches of Buried Onions symbolize the gangs of Fresno because oi their characteristics and the hate that Eddie ieels towards them. Firstly, the roach‘s persistence can be shown by a quote. “About an hour later when I entered my apartment, I was surprised to see that the cockroaches had returned, Their antennae were all bent. and some of their legs were crippled, but they were eager as ever”. By comparing the cockroaches to the gangs of Fresno, we see that this shows that no matter how hard Eddie tries to “stay away”.

Shaking up cockroaches in an ice cream container from the gangs oi Fresno, he cannot escape them.

When the beat up cockroaches return. In addition, the cockroaches adhere to a main theme of Buried Onions, “Eddie trying to keep away irom the gangs.” Secondly, Eddie speaks out against the cockroaches. “They came out from under the refrigerator to draw fresh airthey checked out the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, the dining table, and even my armThey raced around the lips oi glasses and cereal bowls which made me wash the dishes all over again.

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” Eddie shows us how the cockroaches have the same tendencies as gangs oi Fresno, they come out oi the ghetto, they look tor something they can steal, and they disturb the peace. The cockroaches also show the same arrogance of the gangs by doing whatever they please, whenever they please. Lastly, Eddie shows us his immense disliking for the roaches in some narration, “I was full of hate and disgust towards those cockroaches,”.

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The cockroaches yet again symbolize the gangs of Fresno due to Eddie‘s immense disliking towards them. The “hate and disgust” that Eddie feels towards the roaches can be paralleled to the intense disliking that Eddie feels towards the gangs of Fresno, thus being the greatest reason as to why the cockroaches symbolize the gangs, in short, I conclude that the cockroaches of Buried Onions symbolize the gangs oi Fresno, because of their tenacity, their characteristics, their stubbornness in never truly leaving the apartment. and because of the hate that Eddie feels towards them, they are truly the persistent insect.

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