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Clothespin lab

Purpose Name Due Date Clothespin Lab / Muscle Fatigue What are the affects of anaerobic respiration on you muscles? Background Normally, muscles use oxygen through a process known as cellular/aerobic respiration to make energy (or ATP) from sugar (glucose). This process is very efficient and produces 38 ATPs for each molecule of glucose. Carbon dioxide and water are the results of this reaction. When muscles undergo rigorous exercise they require more oxygen to make ATP than the blood can supply. At this point the muscle is forced to produce ATP without oxygen. This is known as anaerobic respiration. Anaerobic respiration produces only 2 ATPs for each molecule of glucose. The result of this reaction is lactic acid.

The advantages of anaerobic respiration are that the muscle cell can make ATP without oxygen and it can make ATP very quickly. This a particular advantage when lifting heavy objects. The big disadvantage to anaerobic respiration is that it produces lactic acid which gives muscles a temporary burning sensation. Muscle fatigue (or tiredness) results when the demand for ATP is greater than the rate at which ATP can be produced in the muscle fibers. As a result, ATP levels are too low for muscle fibers to produce their maximum force contraction. Under condition of extreme fatigue, muscles become incapable of contracting or relaxing. (They stop working) Today you will experience the use of aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration by the muscle fibers in your fingers.

You will experience the production of lactic acid and the sensation it produces in you muscles. The lab will demonstrate how your body used the resources available to provide you with the energy you need to do work. Vocabulary Aerobic Respiration- a form of cellular respiration that requires oxygen in order to generate energy Glucose- sugar energy source ATP- energy Anaerobic Respiration- the production of energy without oxygen Muscle Fatigue- temporary failure of muscle strength, power, and endurance. The muscles cannot contract or work properly Lactic Acid- produced from anaerobic respiration, gives the muscles a burning sensation

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