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Cisco’s Business Success in Market Penetration

Cisco was conferred the market penetration leadership award by Frost & Sullivan for two consecutive years, i. e. in 2004 and 2005. This indicates that Cisco not only utilized the market penetration strategy to expand its business but also got successful in it as it emerged as a leader of all the companies that dealt in this strategy in the specified period. The main focus of the market penetration strategy of Cisco in the year 2004 and 2005 was the IP-based automatic call distributor (ACD) segment.

According to Calif, Cisco markets its products with an emphasis on the real convergence between voice/data infrastructure and applications, stressing that this is the true value of IP telephony solutions. The company not only launched this concept but also communicated it to the market by increasing its presence at important industry events such as trade shows and technology partner events. ” (2004, para. 5) In addition to this the company also offered prices that appealed to the entire market giving it an edge over its competitors.

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It designed its channel distribution network in such a way that there was an effective market penetration in the targeted segment. Reaching this zenith was also a result of the good relationship that it maintained with the distributors and customers. Maintaining good relationship and incorporating market penetration strategy does not happen in a few days. The companies incorporating this tool for their organizational growth have to work on it consistently to make their strategy a success.

Cisco was eyeing the position that it reached in 2004 since a long time.

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In the year 2003 the company had managed to be in the fifth position of the highly competitive ACD market. The company kept on going in the right direction with increased zeal and determination and at last emerged a winner by bagging the first position. This is one example why the company continues to enjoy so much of respect and credibility in the market today.

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