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What it takes to be a chef? To be a culinary artist? I don’t know much about cooking, but I wanted to learn about it. A chef is a person who cook for restaurant, hotel, hospitals, an other institution. Culinary arts is the way of preparing and cooking foods. A culinary artist is very skilled in cooking and preparing food. They make food that is really good to eyes of people as they taste it. I wanted to be a chef because I love food, and I want to have my own restaurant some day.

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Being a chef in not easy. It takes a long hours, standing and walking around the kitchen in a long period of time, lifting heavy materials, working close to fire and using sharp objects. Patience is what you need a lot, and of course studying. There are two choices to become a chef, schooling or on job training.

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Schooling will be the best choice if you want to rise up and quickly become a chef. Culinary schools offers two to four year degrees, it will give you the basic cooking and kitchen management. Going to culinary schools will let you learn what you need and it even allow you to work in a professional kitchen that may be connected to a restaurant. You will have a chance to work in different positions in a restaurant and have chance to work with professional chefs.

If you cant afford a culinary school, you can do the on-job training.

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In this case you wont be able to cook if you dont have an experience, you can go to a position that works inside the kitchen, dishwasher, or prep cook. In these positions you will learn to cook by watching, you will gain experience in a professional kitchen.

Once in culinary school you will have to find an internship. Talk with your career center a good source of information and can tell you which ones pay and which ones do not. Also talk with your instructors. They network with area chefs and know who is good. Check national food magazines, as they are a very good indication who is following trends. If you did not go to culinary school then look for a good chef to do a apprenticeship under. Look in newspaper or Internet to find a restaurant and do your research about the chef. Look in local, regional, and national magazines. Check with your local American Culinary Federation chapter.

In cooking you will need to learn a nutrition part of cooking, because not all the consumers can eat everything, vegan people, allergies, and religion related reasons. Especially in hospitals, patients wont be able to eat everything because of their health issues. There are different style of cooking or a cuisine, Greek cuisine, Chinese cuisine, French cuisine etc. they use different types of cooking, grilling, mixing, marinating etc.

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