Causes of Social Mobility

  1. Geographical Causes-: The peculiar Geographical Conditions pay vital role in Social Mobility in certain country. The people migrate from the area where the geographical condition are conducive for them. The migrate to those areas or countries where the geographical conditions considered are to be good. e.g. in extreme winter the people of that area comes to plain cities.
  2. Political and Economic Causes-: if there are conducive and suitable Politico-Economic conditions the people take active part in the process of social Mobility.

    The position and status of the individual continues to change with progress of the country. That is why, the ratio of social mobility is high in developed countries like U.S.A, UK and Switzerland. On the other hand in undeveloped countries this ratio is normally lower enough. e.g. as compare to past, due to economic development of the country the Rural Urban migration has increased a lot.

  3. Desire of Better Living Standard-: The desire of better living standard is also triggers the process of social mobility.
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    The people to struggle to realize this desire. e.g. that is why in our country the people migrate from Rural setting to Urban and even to abroad for this purpose.

  4. Desire of Higher Education-: Youth has to engage in the process of social mobility for Higher Education. e.g. The people comes to cities for Higher Education and even to Foreign Countries.
  5. Development of Communication and Media-: These days, the development of means of communication and Media is also responsible for Social Mobility.
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    The people can easily go to any country which leads the trend of Social Mobility.

Negative Effects of Social Mobility

  1. Ethnic and Cultural Problems-: Social Mobility effects negatively on the demography of the territory. It creates state of collision in the interest of the different groups. This creates problem of law and order and social disorder
  2. Unequal Division of Population-: Social Mobility brings about because of over population in industrial areas or cities. It disturbs balance of population in different areas which leads to further serious problems. e.g. due to over population in cities huge problem has made the life in the city vulnerable similarly due to huge migration from Rural to Urban setting has caused deficiency of agricultural laborers in the villages.
  3. Unemployment-: the trend of social Mobility increases unemployment in the country. In every some professions are highly valued. For example in our society the professions of Medical, Engineering and Military are highly regarded. Consequently the people move to these professions in great numbers. As a result of this, on the one hand discard other ancestry professions. e.g. the youth of our country prefers to other professions then agricultural, on the other hand in other professions the room to adjust so many people becomes less which leads to further down and right sizing.
  4. Increase in Crime-: Social Mobility increases the crime rate as well. Due to social mobility the trend of lavish life is developed in people. They do not concentrate on hard work similarly in some cases, the people have to go to other counties. In the absence of the head of the family the children become delinquent which leads the increase crime.
Updated: Aug 12, 2021
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