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Canon in D (Pachelbel) - The Musical Selection

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Intro to Music

The musical selection that I chose is the popular piece “Canon in D (Pachelbel)”. This music classic was performed by Sophie Moser (Violin) and Katja Huhn (Piano). “Canon in D “was written by the great German composer Johann Pachelbel. The melody can be found on ( This song is played during wedding ceremonies, in other musicians works, and movies. Originally the instrumentation used was the organ, but overtime it was used for different instruments such as, the violin, piano, cello, harpsichord, etc.

This piece is one of the most famous of baroque that is played by a violin and piano.

“Canon in D” is a wonderful piece. Writing a good song like this is not easy due to having to put a lot of thought and effort into it. Some people say it’s known as the “Stairway to Heaven” or “Free bird”. I can say, this music piece is soothing, and it gave me a moment of peace.

I believe people play this song at their wedding because, at its very core, the song is all about reaching a crescendo through harmonious layering, one step at a time, unwavering, from its simple motif opening until its grand ending. Many variations can be played over its simple base melody.

At a subconscious level, this song to me can represent how steady and meaningful love is. Its simple melody and capacity to progress into something so wonderous from a simple idea is what we all feel love should be. It’s simple but subtle but arresting but heart-wrenching but crushingly delicate.

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I have read a lot of reviews on this classic and I can say people love this song as much as I do. Most of the reviews talk about how they played this song at their wedding or walk down the aisle on this song. Some people say the way the violinist and pianist performed this piece inspired them to keep going. Overall, people are at an awe for this classic and it is the perfect song.

The synchronization between the violin and piano is perfect. The violin sings out with the purity and clarity of a perfect boy soprano and the piano collaboration is excellent. The setting of this performance was beautiful and on a timeless composition. To me the violin has taken a bit of edge over piano which perhaps due to the intense sublime musical notes itself. At 1:34 I love how both soften the melody and picked it back up to a faster pace. The soothing sound at 1:45 was amazing and I loved it. You can never go wrong with a violin and piano played together.

In conclusion, music is a form of art that puts sounds together in a way that people like or find interesting. Music surrounds our everyday lives, and we can hear it in everything that surrounds us. It doesn’t need to be exactly a melody. However, most of the music includes people singing or playing with music instruments. I listen to different kinds of genres, but classical music was not one. Now that I have got to experience and listen to different kinds of classic music but especially Canon in D(Pachelbel) performed by Sophie and Katja I will be sure to add some classics to my playlist. I love music that enlighten and sooth my soul. I’ve always loved when people play the violin but now that I’ve heard a violin and piano played together in a music piece like Canon in D, I have fell in love with both.

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