Canada's Baking and Sweets Show

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Event overview

North America's biggest baking and sweets show event, Canada's baking and sweets show, will return to the city for its seventh year featuring big baking celebrities for providing a delicious experience in this October. This year's event will celebrate the sweetness of our nation with a "Canadiana" theme.

Presented by Redpath Sugar, the show will be on at The International Centre. Celebrity guests to this year's event include: the ever-popular, Canadian celebrity chef Anna Olson, Rosie Alyea, Mardi Michels, Julie Van Rosendaal, and Charmian Christie.

Since its inception in 2011, CBSS has been supporting undiscovered Canadian talent. In addition to indulging in delightfully sweet treats, you'll also be able to see the works of skilled cake artists in the Wedding and Theme Cake Competitions.

You'll be able to browse products from exhibitors in a range of categories, including baked products, chocolate and confectionery, coffee, tea, and kitchenware. Demonstration and hands-on classes will also be running, which guests are able to participate in.

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2. Event specifics

Date : Oct 19 (From 10 am to 6 pm) -20 ( from 10 am to 5 pm), 2019

Location : The International Centre, Hall 4, Mississauga, Toronto, Canada

Number of attendees : 12,900 Attendees over 2 days

Admission fee : Adults: $16

Seniors (above 65): $12

Youth (13-17): $10

CDN Military: $10 (Personnel Only)

Children (12 & under): Free

Parking: Free

Special Promos: TBA

(Discount of $2 on online ticket purchase)

Problems and Progress

1. Obstacles your event professional had to overcome

· The biggest obstacle is generating early excitement for the forthcoming event that will get sponsored to invest in your show.


By creating captivating themes, hiring the right celebrity chefs, and involving influencers like industry bloggers, local celebs who have large fan base whose interests may overlap with your event.

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Bringing them on in your event essentially transfers over that audience base and will create your brand image in fresh market to attract sponsors.

Example: In their first "Canada's baking and sweets show", 2011 they signed with "The Cake Boss- Buddy Valastro" which resulted in many sponsors and approximately 20,000 people in attendance.

· Crowd management:

Every event planner has a dream to have large number of attendees. However, crowd control is crucial to run successful event and for the safety of event property. Make sure that there is ample of parking space, well-organized food vendor counters and enough setting arrangements for participant learners in cake decor class.

Also, it is necessary to have looked on hygiene and cleanliness by putting trash box at venue place. It is also responsibilities of venue staff and coordinators to see not all peoples create huge crowd at particular one food exhibitors and make sure that all exhibitors get an opportunity to show off their skills.

2. One highlight of the event or the planning process

· The gigantic highlight for event organizer is gauging the excitement from the crowd in terms of attendance before show.

Example: If they hear that buzz of attendees before they first enter in the exhibit hall create a kind of surety that they will reward our exhibitors with lots of purchases, that in turn means a greater number of exhibitors will return for the next show.

3. A lesson learned to apply to future events

· Post event online survey:

No matter how various events you plan, there is ceaselessly something cutting edge to memorize about it. Technology and tools are often changing, as do attendee's expectation. For instance, we are always conducting post event reviews and use that comments and recommendations that could be valuable for future projects.

· Unique factor:

In the beginning we (CBSS organizers) thought that they have to invest heavily on celebrities, advertising and decorating the event hall. As we experimented with less, we discovered that many were passionate about baking, cake decorating and sweets and as long as they could find out through our social media that our show would be full of excited crowds.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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