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Campaign of Cadbury Company

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Subsidiary of Parent Company

The subsidiary of parent company of Cadbury Confectionery Malaysia Sdn Bhd Cadbury Schweppes PLC. Cadbury Schweppes PLC is a British based chocolatier and confectionary company that was recently (2010) bought by Kraft. It is the industry’s second-largest global chocolate-making company after Mars-Wrigley. Headquartered in Cadbury House in the Uxbridge Business Park in Uxbridge, London Borough of Hilling don, England and formerly listed on the London Stock Exchange, Cadbury was controversially acquired by Kraft Foods in February 2010, after integration the combined Cadbury and Kraft companies became the largest confectionery company in the world again.

The Cadbury Confectionery Malaysia Sdn Bhd is located at Shah Alam Selangor Malaysia. They are responsible for agriculture equipments and supplies for Cadbury products. Currently they are exporting to Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. The perspective of Cadbury Confectionery Malaysia Sdn Bhd is to become a major global beverage and confectionery company, which will be dedicated to the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of Cadbury products around the world.

Objective of the Campaign

The first objective of the campaign is to create awareness of Cadbury Hot Chocolate. The Cadbury Hot Chocolate drinks has been launched for a quite sometimes and the awareness is still very low among the public. So through our campaign, we will be able to create awareness in to let the public know about the Cadbury Hot Chocolate. The second objective is to rebuild corporate image among the public. From the last time, Cadbury is well known for its Chocolate product but they don’t have any good image for their hot chocolate drinks product.

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Therefore, through this campaign we hope that we can shape a better image of Cadbury Hot chocolate drink in order to achieve our objective. The third objective is to boost the sales of Cadbury Hot Chocolate product by 30%.

So by giving out limited edition Heart shaped cup for every purchase of Cadbury Hot chocolate product, we believe that it will attract more potential customer to purchase the product. The last Objective is to capture 8% market share of Cadbury compare to current 5% market share at the end of this campaign. With the plan as we mentioned on above, when the awareness, image and sales of Cadbury Hot chocolate increase so that, directly the market share will be increasing too.

Period of the Campaign

Our campaign duration is 3 months including the marketing and promotion, Public Relations and Advertising. The new packet launching will be fall on 7 January 2012. We believe that our campaign will give a significant impact to the public about Cadbury Hot Chocolate.

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