Business Plans for the Broadway Cafe

Since the 1950’s the cafe has been using very, very old equipment. That equipment includes: old cash registers, espresso makers, coffee makers, and so on. But the most important old method that was being used is the manual entry of time and attendance. Now since I have started upgrading the cafe, I feel that it is now time for a new time system. This particular time system will allow employees to key in a special employee number that will automatically stamp the time displayed on the clock.

The same method will be used for clocking out for lunch and clocking out for good.

In order to get this system implemented, I have a couple of options. I can either let my computer tech employee do it or I can pay for an outside company. But with an inside job, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are: * Help located on site, * Cost effective-cheap, and * Simple system. But the disadvantages are: * Stealing of time, * Changing of work days, * Possible system failures due to bad security, and * Unwanted employee access.

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On the other hand you have the advantages and disadvantages of hiring an outside company.

The advantages are: * No worry of stolen time or employees information, * Non employee access, and * Better security protected. The disadvantages are: * More expensive, * More complicated system, and * Long wait time for help or fixing. Once the new system is put into The Broadway Cafe, a lot of employees may not like it because they are use to just doing manual entry of time by hand and not using electronics.

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But to make sure that they are comfortable, I am going to make sure that all are trained for one full month on how to use the system.

If they still encounter problems, the main office is located right by the time system and all they have to do is ask for help. After all, with time always come change and eventually the employees will get used to the new system. So as you can see, the cafe is well on its way to being the best cafe ever like it was back in the day. With all the new upgrades and remodeling, everyone is sure to enjoy themselves. Now since the cafe has a new time clock, I will not have to worry about being short staffed or overstaffed. Everything will be right in order; no problems, just a beautiful, flourishing cafe.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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