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Antonio's sense of good and evil change throughout the book many times, and this is from the settings he's in. In Rodolfo Anaya's novel, Bless Me, Ultima the author uses different settings throughout the novel to develop Antonio's sense of good and evil.

Tony's sense of good and evil are also heavily influenced in his own home. His home provided him with safety. This was due to the people who lived in the house. Antonio's mom made his home a loving and caring place to be.

The day after Tony had seen Lupito killed. Ultima told Tony's mother not to be too hard on Antonio; he had a tough night the night before. The most important person who contributed to the goodness of Antonio's home was Ultima. She made Antonio feel as though her presence filled the home with safety, love, and a sense of security. When Tony saw Lupito get killed, it was Ultima who calmed him. In this quote Antonio is talking about how whenever he has a bad dream Ultima is there to help him and calm him down.

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The author writes, "[he] could sleep again" (Pg. 34). This quote shows us how Ultima's caring for him had a large influence on Antonio.This quotes is after Tenerio gets a gang of people to come to Tony's house to get Ultima because they're accusing her of witchcraft that killed Tenerio's daughter. They had put the needles up to see if she was evil, and when she walked threw her owl attacked Tenerio and injured his eye.

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This quote is an example of good vs evil because Tenerio's daughter are brujas which are evil, and one of them died because of Ultima's power while healing his uncle. And the evil ( Tenerio ) has come to take Ultima and from what they said we can assume they want to kill her Then, Ultima comes in and the hawk attacks Tenerio and saves them.

"Your evil bird blinder me!" He cried. "For that I will see you dead! And you, Narciso, I swear to kill you!" ( 135 ). This quote is another example of Ultima keeping Antonio and his family safe. Ultima's fearlessness against Tenorio and his three bruja daughters made Antonio feel as though he would be safe wherever Ultima was and since Ultima was always at his house, she made his home feel safe.

Ultima is constantly clashing with Tenerio which will help guide Antonio in the evolution of Antonio sense of good and evil. This quote is when Tenerio is leaving Antonio in the hole he states this quote. The text reads, "This very night I will avenge the death of my two daughters. It is the owl that is the spirit of that old witch" This is showing us Tenerio wanting to get revenge on Ultima and Antonio for killing his two daughters. This is one of the main conflicts in the book which is also an example of Good vs Evil. This shows us the major fight and ongoing altercations between the good and evil, Ultima and Tenerio."This very night I will avenge the death of my two daughters. It is the owl that is the spirit of that old witch" ( 256 ). This quote is showing us the major conflict between Ultima and Tenerio, and how Antonio was there to witness it all. This is a major impact on Antonio and influenced him greatly on his perception of good and evil.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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