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Blackrock Solutions

The Portfolio Analytics Group or (PAG) within Blackrock Solutions utilises Blackrock’s proprietary analytics tools and models, such as the Green Package reporting suite, to measure risk on both a security and portfolio level. This area immediately attracts me as this is exactly the roles and responsibilities that i am looking for with regards to an internship Summer Internship with yourselves.

The PAG Analyst role is central in supporting Blackrock’s investment process, producing reports and analytics utilised by all areas of the firm, giving rise to a unique opportunity to see how all functional areas operate and link together.

The role is also central in supporting BlackRock Solutions external clients across their investment process and risk management oversight. Therefore this does not only fulfil and provide insight into all the areas that i am so very interested and intrigued by, but also gives a much broader perspective to the wider functions of BlackRock.

BlackRock is widely recognized for its disciplined investment process and rigorous risk management.

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Since its inception, we have focused on the assessment of security and portfolio-level risks for investment decision making as well as for efficient transaction execution. As a result, BlackRock developed an integrated suite of investment management tools that provide solutions to these many varied facets of the business model.

All these points help to culminate together in understanding what attracts me personally to an internship with an industry leader such as yourselves. The way you operate as a firm, your corporate culture and identity, plus your track record and that fact that you are so highly regarded within your respective industry fields, all help to see why exactly i am attracted to an internship opportunity at BlackRock, a firm that truly encapsulates everything i am looking for with regards to my future and further professional learning, development, and career prospects.

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