Beretta 2014 an Engine management unit ECU could be a agglomerate of

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Beretta (2014), an Engine management unit (ECU) could be a agglomerate of Electronic management unit that controls the series of positioner on an inside combustion engine to secure the optimum engine performance. The programmable ECU might management the quantity of fuel to be injected into every cylinder. This varies looking on the engine's revolutions per minute and also the position of the treadle (or the manifold air pressure). The engine tuner will regulate this by citing a spreadsheet-like page on the portable computer wherever every cell represents associate step intersection between a particular revolutions per minute worth associate degreed an treadle position (or the throttle position, because it is called).

during this cell variety admire the quantity of fuel to be injected is entered. This program is commonly mentioned as a fuel table or fuel map.

Formerly ECU's, air-fuel fusion, ignition temporal strategy, and idle speed were spontaneously set and smartly managed by mechanical and pneumatic means that. Programmable ECU's square measure needed wherever important aftermarket modifications are created to a vehicles engine.

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As a consequence of those changes, the recent ECU might not offer acceptable management for the new configuration. In these things, a programmable ECU will be wired in. These may be programmed/mapped with a portable computer connected employing a serial or USB cable, whereas the engine is running.

Sophisticated motor management systems receive inputs from alternative sources, and management alternative factors of the engine; as an example, some variable valve temporal order systems area unit electronically controlled, and turbocharger waste gates may be managed.

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They conjointly could communicate with transmission management units or directly interface electronically controlled automatic transmissions, and traction management systems


Such systems area unit used for several combustion engines in alternative operations. In aeronautic applications, the systems area unit called Full Authority Digital Engine Controls (FADECs). This sort of electronic management is a smaller amount familiar in piston-engined lightweight fixed-wing craft and helicopters than in cars. this is often because of the common configuration of a carbureted engine with a magneto electric machine ignition that doesn't need power generated by associate degree generator to run, that is taken into account a security advantage.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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