Benefits Of Using Google Docs

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Google docs is a tool used to share information in the same document without having to be sent from user to user.

The document can be modified from a computer and check this update at the same time on other computers. It allows access to several users who can work on it with the proper authorizations, at the same time (sharing of the document in which they will be allowed to edit and the person who created the document will appear as the owner).

It is very useful in research work or in jobs where several people have to contribute a unique knowledge, works that have to put opinions in common.

Gone is the time when a file or document was lost next to the computer. Now, with the correct application of new technologies, the storage and sending of files became better. In 2005, Google created the Google Docs application, where text files, presentations or images are stored in the cloud.

Google Docs is a free platform that allows you to edit and share files in real time without having to download it to your computer.

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This is the reason why millions of people have started using it, because it offers more benefits than sending systems through email. To use it, you only need to have a Gmail account. Once you log into your account, go to the top and you'll see the Google Docs tool.

Why is a high utility platform? Because Google Docs thought about the main problems when creating a file of any format, both for school work and work projects.

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Although it still needs to fine-tune some details, such as the top and bottom buttons of the scroll bar and a wider selection of tools, Docs continues to add more features every day to make it a completely superior platform. Many functions:

  • Word processor
  • Spreadsheet
  • Presentations Manager
  • Forms Editor
  • Forms
  • Graphic Designer.
  • Presentations through slides and with the ability to incorporate text, images and videos
  • Text documents can go with images.


  1. Accessibility from any connection without the need to install a particular software as well as great storage security, since the user saves the information in a cloud system on the Internet.
  2. One of the features of Google Docs and an advantage over conventional platforms is that by sharing the file with many people, they can modify the file while others, from their homes or offices, observe who is doing the editing. They call it: online collaboration.
  3. Since Google Docs retains previous versions of documents, there is no reason to worry about changing a file irrevocably. It also conserves a spell checker for spreadsheets, documents, presentations and more file formats.
  4. Regarding storage, Google Drive allows you to save up to 1 gigabyte of all types of files and all of the above, within the reach of any computer with Internet connection.
  5. Although the opinion of someone professional is always preferable, Google Docs offers a document translation system. It comes with 53 integrated languages which allows users to easily translate documents in any of these languages.

Google Docs in education

You can develop tasks in groups, create templates for classes, communicate with the group, correction and immediate evaluation and encourage students to have the team spirit and collaboration that will help them in their future work experiences.

  • It facilitates students to generate documents, investigate and learn.
  • Grant teaching materials for teachers to teach their students in a more didactic way.
  • It allows the teacher to obtain academic records of their students' performance.
  • With this tool you can insert the contents of blogs, forums, wikis, etc.
  • Offers complementary materials to improve class and student participation.
  • Another very important advantage is that the teacher can perform the assessment tools through Google Docs.
Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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