Effective Salon Appointment and Message Recording Practices

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Salon Reception Duties – Produce A Guide Recording Appointments And Messages Accurately It’s important to record appointments accurately so that the therapists know what clients they have at what time. If you fail to record an appointment accurately then you could cause a real problem when a client comes into the salon to find out there not on the therapists schedules which could of been avoided by doing the job properly. You could also lose clients by not paying enough attention and giving them the wrong times and days as they won’t think your salon is reliable.

You also need to make sure all the therapists get a lunch break between clients and also time to set their equipment up, you don’t want to book clients to close to each other, otherwise the client may feel as if the therapist is rushing them and won’t be satisfied with their overall experience. It’s important to record messages accurately when working in a salon so that the therapists no if anyone would like them to ring them back or if they have a query.

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Also, you may not be certain on what a client wants so say you’ll take a message, when doing so you need to make sure you take their full name and contact number and whatever the message is their giving. You should also get them to repeat their name and number to make sure the information you have is correct otherwise when you or a therapist is calling back you may not be able to get through to them, again losing a client.

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If the message is urgent and they need to be contacted ASAP you need to make sure it’s clear that is it and put it in a separate place to the non urgent messages. Dealing With Client Enquiries Promptly And Politely Whether it’s an internal or external enquiry you should always try to answer it with little or no delay and you need to be polite, it might not just be a client who’s calling or that has come into the salon, it could be someone who is just buying your products and you should see to them in a punctual manner. By doing this they’ll want to come back, if you show no interest in what there enquiring you’ll lose custom and reputation.

It could even be someone who supplies your products ringing for your salon to stock up, if you’re ever unsure of what someone is enquiring and how to answer you would need to refer the enquiry to another member of staff or the manager. Other internal people who may enquire you include of current clients or a member of staff, other external people include of new clients, suppliers of products you don’t have or even people wanting to market your salon. Dealing With Confidential Client Information Under The Data Protection Act If you handle personal information about individuals, for example, a consultation form, you have a number of legal obligations to protect that information under the data protection act. It gives rights for any client to have a copy of their personal data and to block, erase or destroy anything that is incorrect about them. It’s important to keep all confidential information in a locked file away for their personal comfort and to prevent unauthorised access, alteration or accidental loss. You should never talk about any ones personal information people outside the salon or in front of other clients in the salon.

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Effective Salon Appointment and Message Recording Practices
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