Australian Yarns

Australian yarns have always been very popular because of its exaggerated humour. There have been many popular yarns over the years such as “Crocodile Dundee” (1986), “Australia” (2008) and “Red Dog” (2011). Red Dog directed by Kriv Stenders was a very popular film based on a true story.

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The story is about an Australian kelpie named Red Dog that a couple named Jack (Noah Taylor) and Maureen (Loene Carmen) find on their way to Dampier. They decide to take Red Dog with them. After living there for a while, everyone starts to know Red Dog more and Red Dog was everyone’s mate.

The people in Dampier said that Red Dog does not have a true owner until a man named John (Josh Lucas) comes to Dampier. Jack: Back in the mean old days when men were men, dogs were dogs – rougher, harder, brighter, redder…

Body Paragraph 1:

Red Dog is a very important part of Australian culture because everyone knows his story. Everything about the movie fits the Australian yarn genre because it is set in the outback and they have to copy the details because the film is based on a true story. The different settings/landscapes are typical Australian locations and so are the vehicles and buildings.

These typical Australian things such as the pub, red dirt roads, dirty vehicles and other things. Australian storytelling is an important part of Australian culture because people share their stories and listen to others, all of these stories are spread around and those are the stories that are around today.

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That is why it is so important for the story to stick with the culture of the story. Vanno: The world is a funny place, no? Sometimes you pick your dog. Sometimes your dog picks you.

Body Paragraph 2:

Characters are very important because they tell the story and explain it. In “Red Dog”, there are many main characters such as John (Josh Lucas), Nancy (Rachael Taylor), Thomas (Luke Ford), Vanno (Arthur Angel), Jocko (Rohan Nichol), Jack (Noah Taylor), Peeto (John Batchelor) and the hero of the movie Red Dog (Koko).

These characters tell their personal experiences with Red Dog and how he was always there for them or how he helped them with their problems. These characters are stereotypical because they are your average Aussie blokes. Red Dog is a dog for all and was no true owner, they would like to say until one day Red Dog meets the bus driver John (Josh Lucas) and he knows that he is his owner. Characters help tell the story; they explain how they are average workers through the story.

Body Paragraph 3:

In the film, they included many jokes that were mainly explained with exaggerated humour. An example of exaggerated humour was when the worker spent too much time out in the sun that he could speak Chinese fluently for two days straight or when the sun was so hot that it blew up a man’s petrol tank on his motorbike. They exaggerate it so that it becomes funny to make the audiences laugh because it is crazy and is not likely to happen. The humour is also an important part of movies because their goal is to make people laugh especially if it is a based like this.


In conclusion, Red Dog was a hero to all and was always there for others, he was a loyal dog that loved everyone and everyone loved him back. Storytelling, characters and humour are key elements for a film like “Red Dog” because they explain the story well, the characters share their stories and it was funny. Lastly, Red Dog was a true mate and hero to all and that is why everyone loved him.

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