Artificial Intelligence in Event Management

The cause of risk is attributed to hazardous physical event whose variations are expected to influence the components of risk management. This refers to risk assessment which attempts to describe climate change risk with qualitative and quantitative methods. First, it is required to analyze the effects of climate change on extreme events and the associated consequences of human-environmental system. As defined, an event is “an occurrence within a particular system or domain; it is something that has happened, or is contemplated as having happened in that domain.

” This definition places the event concept into two different contexts: (1) the real world in which events happen and (2) the reel of computerized event processing, where the word event is used to mean a programming entity that represents this occurrence.

Thesis statement:How can artificial intelligence technology help in solving customer needs? AI expert system is a program system with a large amount of special knowledge and experience, which applies artificial intelligence technology and computer technology.

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In a word, it is an intelligent computer program system, which contains a large number of experts' knowledge and experience, could deal with the problem by knowledge and methods of human experts. At present, the research of artificial intelligence system such as pattern recognition, expert consultation, robot and so on, the development is fast, and the research of artificial intelligence system such as natural language understanding, automatic programming is very difficult and can be processed through the general symbol to deal with knowledge, artificial intelligence research from intelligent games quickly extended to solve the problem for the core content of the many fields of application.

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General artificial intelligence system mainly consists of knowledge base, reasoning machine and intelligent interface system. In order to make the machine with the ability of solving problems, it is necessary to machine studies how to obtain knowledge acquisition; studies on how to describe the knowledge through stipulated symbols and methods to be formalized and suitable for solving the problem of machine, namely knowledge representation; machine study how to use knowledge reasoning, the mechanical approach to problem solving, reasoning machine; research is suitable for the use of knowledge to solve the problem of computer system and artificial intelligent language support, the problem solving process automation and system design. The event modelThe event model includes 8 event categories at the highest level (natural disaster, damage, terrorist attack, anomaly, theft, accident, violence and entity recognition). Our model is defined in the Web Language as browsing event categories from a crowd-sourced community effort to extract structured information from journal articles and make this information available on the Web. The classification of micro-events and macro-events following the model is also represented in the event model. If a different model is used the Category and the specializations of Entity shall be updated.

The Entity is a fundamental component to describe an event and it is always present in each instance of the event model, including the case that the entity is not dangerous. When modeled using the event model, the micro-event is an event with only one Entity and only one Resource. Architecture of event processorWe first describe the whole set of components; then, we detail the Correlator in charge of performing the Event Correlation and Merging and the Event Trust Analysis (ETA) component. The micro-events producers output data in a JSON notation which is compatible to the event model; consequently, it can be used by the event processor. Construction of decision making system of sports based on AI expert systemAfter the "accidental failure stage, decision failure rate suddenly increases, indicating that with the passage of time, internal and external environment factors have undergone great changes, the original strategic goals and decisions has not adapted to the development and changes of the new situation. This process illustrates that who in the process of signing before the bid has the intention to hold and determine specific sports events. In the sports development strategy, we usually face if the "what" and "how to do", in fact, this is a decision problem. Sports decision making is a process that involves all the activities that must be performed before making the final choice. This is because the decision from the implementation of the beginning to bear fruit, there must be a time delay, the failure is not that this decision is not feasible, but due to the inertia of the external environment caused by the rather than the decision itself. The expert system model is designed for sports events' bid selection and decision making. The input of this system is information about the internal conditions of the decision object (called the internal information) and the external environment (called the external information).

Frequency of extreme events with climate variabilityIt is a basic work for managing climate change risk that estimating the frequency curve of extreme event and the associated variation. As a result, future frequency curve is obtained on the basis of the varying distribution function by extrapolating external driving force. In addition, frequency curve can also be derived from a set of extreme values simulated by physical models during a future period. The frequency curve containing climate information implies the dynamics in the changing condition. This may reduce the reliability of the estimates of extreme event frequency and threaten the effectiveness of measures for risk management The natural environment is altered by climate variability from two dimensions: for the average climate variable may have a long-run trend, while for the fluctuation there may be a wider range with more extreme values. Traditional frequency analysis method assumes that the extreme values are identical, i. e. they come from the same condition. On the environmental dimension, the parameters are usually coupled with climate variable according to the relationship between extreme event and climate mode. Breaking Data's recent acquisition, is a leading next-generation sports media company with the largest single publisher Facebook page in the world, with over 25. 9 million fans. As more consumers become dependent on digital and social media methods for finding the most current sports news and information, companies are turning towards automated learning applications to run across social media networks and online digital media platforms to quickly identify marketing activities and consumer behaviors. Previously he served as President of Global Partnerships at WME - IMG, a global leader in sports, events, media and fashion, operating in more than 30 countries (img. com).

In his leadership role, D'Alba oversaw all brand partnerships and managed the company's global sales and marketing strategies. Music festivals Utilizing a futures frame, this conceptual article contributes to the pursuit of successful future event design by applying a normative visionary methodology employing trend analysis, scenarios, and science fiction to create prototypes that may assist in the formation of appropriate experience options and opportunities for music festivals of the future. Accordingly, this conceptual work contributes to the pursuit of successful future event design by applying a normative visionary methodology utilizing science fiction to create prototypes that may assist in the formation of appropriate experience options and opportunities for music festivals of the future. Music festivals are the focus of this conceptual article, which asks how technology stimulates change in experience needs and how, through scenario planning or forms of future visioning festival management may be able to precipitate or drive experience needs. That is, a process by which technological advancements allows observation of the way in which work activity is changing, trend analysis allows observation of the way in which the future can be said to be manifest now, and science fiction allows for a paradigmatic explanation of how such things could occur.

Updated: Feb 13, 2024
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