Andrew Jackson: a Hero or a Villain

Andrew Jackson, is he a hero or a villain? He was neither but still deserves to be on the $20 dollar bill. Andrew Jackson did many things that shows him as a hero, but he also did things that could question him being a hero. He can be known as a hero for leading America to defeat the British at the Battle of New Orleans but can also be known as a villain for passing the Indian Removal Act. President Jackson’s exemplary leadership qualities gives him the right to be on the bill.

Andrew Jackson has done many things that showed Americans that he was a hero. He postponed the civil war for 30 years, he had a war against the bank, and he was a war hero. Even though he was one of the most controversial presidents, he postponed the civil war for 30 years, his firmness prevented South Carolina from dissolving the union during the nullification crisis. Many people who are wealthy think they are god just because they have money and because they are rich, Andrew Jackson being powerful and brave took all these wealthy people down when he refused to renew the charter of the Bank of the United States.

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Jackson spoke for the “common man”, he showed the government that they should give their favors to the poor and rich equally. This made him lose votes from the wealthy but gain more votes from the ‘common man”, which made him easily win the re-election in November of 1832. Jacksons victory showed him that the Americans supported his actions and policies including the bank veto.

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This American war hero is known for leading the Tennessee Militia at the Battle of New Orleans, and defeating the British. He helped out a lot throughout the battle, he stood by militia’s side until the battle was over. He lead and commanded the Americans step by step which made him an instant national hero.

Jackson can be seen as a villain as he has done many things that shows Americans that he should be remembered as a villain. He can be remembered as a villain because he liked slavery, he was cruel to Native Americans, and he had a disregard for law. Andrew Jackson, one of the most evil presidents liked slavery. He saw nothing wrong with people owning humans, he saw nothing wrong with slaves being considered by law as property. This man saw nothing wrong with people not having the rights that other people do as free men. This soulless man started the trail of tears, and he mistreated Native Americans. He took thousands of Native Americans away from their homelands, he made them walk thousands of miles in horrible conditions just for land, just for something he wanted. This cruel person had a disregard for law, the day the Supreme Court said that Georgia had no right to banish the Cherokee Indians from their land, this man refused to listen to what they had to say. He said the court needs to enforce what they say by themselves, he said I’m gonna do what I think is right, not what others think is right.

This man can be seen in many ways, he can be seen as a hero for defeating the British in a war but he can also be see as a villain for passing a law that hurt the Indians. This man is cruel, evil and has no soul, he may have helped the “common man”, or the Americans but only by hurting others. Andrew Jackson should be remembered as a villain, he has caused pain and sorrow to others just for America. When I look back to his presidency I see the terrible things he did when he didn’t listen to the Supreme Court,when I look back I see what horrible things he did with the Indians just for what he wanted,he ruined people’s lives, their homes and their families.

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