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B lymphocytes develop in red bone marrow, T lymphocytes develop in red bone marrow and mature in the thymus; the other formed elements develop in red bone marrow

What is erythropoiesis? Which factors speed up and slow down erythropoiesis?

Erythropoiesis is the process by which red blood cells (erythrocytes) are produced. If you lose a lot of blood, erythropoiesis will speed up; anemia can cause erythropoiesis to slow down. Explain what would happen if a person with type B blood were given a transfusion of type O blood.

Nothing type B can receive type O

What is the name and function of each WBC?

  1. WBC has a round nucleus surrounded by a blue halo of cytoplasm with no visible granules.

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    a) lymphocyte – major combatant in immune responses

  2. WBC contains dense blue-purple granules that hide the nucleus. b) basophil – intensifies the inflammatory reaction, is involved in hypersensitivity reactions
  3. WBC has a U-shaped nucleus and a bluish, foamy cytoplasm with no visible granules. c) monocyte – phagocytosis and cell debris cleanup
  4. WBC contains small, pale lilac granules and a four-lobed nucleus. d) neutrophil – active in phagocytosis
  5. WBC contains red-orange granules and a two-lobed nucleus.
  6. eosinphil – releases enzymes that combat the effects of histamine and other mediators of inflammation in allergic reactions, phagocytize antigen-antibody complexes, are effective against certain parasitic worms
  7. Why would the level of leukocytes be higher in an individual who has been infected with the parasitic disease?
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