Analysis of the daffodils by Wordsworth Essay

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Analysis of the daffodils by Wordsworth

In this poem the poet speaks to a friend or family member about a spectacular group of daffodils that he recalls seeing when on a walk one day .The poet has an exultant tone which is obvious when reading this well-known poem. The theme is introduced with an end rhyming scheme which allows the poem to flow ”I wandered lonely as a cloud….when all at once I saw a crowd” .The theme of this poem is nature.

The tone of the poem is shown by the use of joyful adjectives such as “golden” or “fluttering” this allows the poem to be light-hearted .Although the main theme in this poem is nature, I believe another theme is relationships because Wordsworth seems to have an amazing relationship with nature , in the way he describes the daffodils and when he thinks of the daffodils “his heart with pleasure fills and dances with the daffodils”. The imagery in this poem is bright and colourful due to the metaphors used “Continuous as the stars that shine”. In third stanza the poet talks of the waves “ The waves beside them danced ,but they outdid the sparkling waves in glee” this creates a striking image of waves ,but this quote also proves how great the daffodils were .This effects the tone of the poem.

The wording Wordsworth uses is so brilliant that, with each sentence the image of the daffodils becomes clearer and clearer. This effects how I imagine the flowers. The sound pattern in this poem is includes many examples of assonance “For oft when on my couch I lie”, the o in a lot of the words slows the poem down, and it allows you to reflect on the sentence. There is alteration in this poem for example “Beside the lake ,beneath the trees” .Alliteration makes the sentence remorable and allows the poem to flow.

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