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Analysis of Matt Cutts' Speech Presentation

Categories: Speech Presentation

What structure would you say this speech follows? In your opinion, what words or sections in the speech indicate the structure

The verbal structure this speech follows is the tell presentation. Matt Cutts speaks the most throughout his presentation to inform the audience about setting and achieveing goals for 30 days. He learned that when he made small changes they were more likely to stick, instead of procrastinating give it a shot to accomplish anything you have always wanted to try.

What are the main points addressed during the speech

The main points addressed during the speech is how these 30 day challenges can boost your self-esteem and more important enhance your inner being.

No matter the situation size or challenge you can over come it by putting your mind to do more and more self tests. If you really want something bad enough you can do it in 30 days, it’s never to late.

How does he engage the audience to make sure he has their attention

Matt told the audience why he was speaking, What’s in it for them, and he used humor with caution.

Matt explained the reason why he started trying something new for the next 30 days. He also informed and persuaded the audience if you really wanted something bad enough you can can do it for only 30 days. The humor with visual aides were perfect for his personality, style, and topic.

How does Matt Cutts’ tone and body language impact your listening/perception/reception of the words being spoken

Delivery tone and body language is very important when connecting to the audience.

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Matt tone was perfect for the occasion and the topic of choice with the audience. It wasn’t demanding by yet persuasive enough to get me to start my first 30 day challenge. He connected well with the audience using his body language and visual aides to get his points and thoughts across. The presentation was very well put and easy to understand.

Do you think this speech was practiced? What words and tones made you decide on your answer

I don’t think this speech was practiced because there were no signs of cue cards and it was with an open audience. The tell structure of the message had meaning to the speaker if it comes from the heart, it can be remembered as well as with a familiar topic we can relate to. It was a goal he was happy to achieve and speak about with enthusiam to tell others how it can change their lives as well.

What gestures were used during the speech? Were they effective or did they detract from the speaker

There were a few hand gestures and body language presented through out the speech. Visual Aides played a very important role on letting the audience know exactly how the speech main points were telling the story. The gestures were effective and brought the speech to life without them the speech might have not been as interesting or conveying as it was delivered.

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