An Introduction to the Life of John Lennon

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We have all heard of John Lennon. He was the Founder of the Beatles, also famous for his subsequent solo career and for his political activism and pacifism. On Monday, 8th of December 1980 he was shot dead outside his home. the Dakota building in New York City. Some might argue that John Lennon is indeed still alive. his spirit thriving in much of pop culture and musical influence. Imagine though that the life we know of Lennon today was not just his energy, but the man himself.

What would John Lennon be in his 705? Would he still influence music culture, politics, and peace? If Paul is any indication, and for that matter what George and Ringo became, Lennon would still be very much a part of not only American culture, but you can bet he would find a way to infuse society With his take on the current terror/war gripping so much of this globe.

The Lennon legacy survived his death - buoyed by the posthumous re»release of his humanist anthem Imagine - and the continuing influence of The Beatles ensured Lennon's iconic position.

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Even into the early 1990s, Lennon still enjoyed godlike status, especially during the Britpop boom in the UK. The Gallagher brothers of Oasis revered Lennon as a Visionary songwriter and style icon, The Gallagher brothers idolize John Lennons music and the culture he created, the mop top hair styles. the fashion and even the sound of their songs reflects the music of The Beatles and John Lennon.

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Oasis's single Live Forever was dedicated to John Lennon, the single cover for the anthem is an image of Lennon's childhood home and when Oasis play Live Forever live they showed an image of Lennon on their screens and during one gig Liam Gallagher bowed down and prayed to the image of Lennon as if he was a God.

When you look at Lennon, especially in the later years of his life, he was as famous for his campaigning as he was for his music. Many other musical artists have also been inspired by Lennons campaigns for peace. in the last few years we've seen it with things like the protest over the Iraq War by Damon Albarn and Massive Attack, and the Live8 antirpoverty campaigns. We can only guess about what the future would have brought if Lennon was still alive today but by looking at the past we can paint a picture of what it would have been like if he was: He was not the only songwriter who spoke out about the issues of his time. But because John Lennon said it, more people were affected positively or negatively by his comments in interviews and in his songs. Not being John, it is hard to say what he would "think". But knowing his penchant for writing songs with lyrics that boldly stated what he thought about current events prior to his death, I have no doubt whatsoever that all that is going on in the world today would be great fodder for even more great songs. His songs put it out there on the table, and made people think about what was going on.

The 605 were a very turbulent time in history, and the turbulence continues and compounds as we move through this century. I think he was (in his own way) trying to promote the thought that people should band together and try to work against poverty, war, hatred. and all the existential evils going on in this world. I strongly believe that if John Lennon didn't die, he wouldn‘t be so popular. Yes he was popular back then, but I think he would've faded away like Ringo and Paul. Neil Young says its better to burn out than to fade away, John Lennon "burned out“. Kurt Cobain burned out too, that's why everyone claims Nirvana as grunge gods. So I guess John Lennon’s death was something bittersweet, but I still Wish he would be around today...he‘s an inspiration to me.

On Monday 81h of December 1980 four hollow-point bullets were fired into Lennons back, shoulder and arm at point plank range, one other bullet missed his head and shattered a pane of glass. Pouring of blood from his wounds and mouth, Lennon staggered back into the Dakota building, "lrrt Shot, lm shot" he groaned before collapsing, The doorman of the Dakota building kicked the gun from Chapmans hand and shouted. "Do you know what you've Just done?!" Yes. ljust shot John Lennon". Imagine all the people living lIfe in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you‘ll join us, and the world will be as one.

Updated: May 07, 2023
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