An Ideal Husband

Thesis statement

Human defines the ideal husband as the one that is kind, the one that care, and the one that has as only devotion the success and happiness of his family. In the book "An Ideal Husband,” Oscar Wilde, the author, presents Robert and Goring as two men who were ready to do everything it takes to save their love and satisfy the demand of their lover. Although their stories are coming together in some points, Chiltern and Goring have their disparities and particularities.

1 - Roberto's life was a mixture of hided truth, and success in politic - Roberto was a self-divided person and had a conceal past which he tried to hide from his wife, so that her wife doesn’t misunderstand him. - Roberto was a successful well-known politician, honorable to most people in society. - The real title of the book should have been Under the Table 2- Lord Goring was conciliating, honorable, and romantic gentlemen - He tried to reduce the misunderstanding between Robert and Chiltern - Lord Goring was an honorable person in the society; he was also a romantic person.

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3- The adaptive attitude of Robert and Goring

- Dump Mrs. Cheverly was blackmailing Roberto about his previous secret. - Fight rumors, and ready to abandon profession to save their marriage.

An Ideal Husband

As men, most of us grow up with the strong desire of success in his life. The real meaning of that so desired success is the dream to be emotionally, physically, and financially stable.

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We want to be the one who cares for the family, especially for kids and wife; we want to be the ideal husband. In this story named “An Ideal Husband”, the author Oscar Wilde presented Sir Robert Chiltern and Lord Goring as ideal husbands. Mrs. Cheverly and Lady Gertrude also are very important characters in this story. In this story, Sir Robert and Goring played a number of important roles which make the title of this play fruitful. An ideal husband is much respected and he becomes the most important person in his wife’s life. This love and respect was noticeable throughout the story, which also make this title useful.
Robert and Goring are two people who share their ambitions, the desire to take care, and their vision for the future.

First of all, Sir Robert, a government official who owes his success and fortune to secret scandal, was a successful and extremely ambitious politician1. He devoted all his life to his success, following his mentor Baron Arnhem. He is one of the major characters of this story and he can be considered as an ideal husband because of his loving attitude with his wife, which was noticeable throughout the play. He was a self-divided person and had a conceal past which he tried to hide from his wife, so that her wife doesn’t misunderstand him, and they can continue their life with each other without having any kind of misunderstandings between them. This attitude can be considered as a great attitude of an ideal husband. This is because he never wanted to create any misunderstanding with his wife. Therefore, he hide his secret from his wife and was trying to lead his life having a great relationship with his wife by forgetting about his conceal past. His behavior was noticeable when Mrs. Cheverly was blackmailing him about his past secret. She has with her an incriminating letter which proves Robert's involvement in insider trading in the Suez Canal Scheme, in order to benefit from an investment.

Sir Robert was very nervous because he didn’t want her wife to be known about this secret2. This is because, he was afraid that this will create difficulties between his wife and him. This kind of behavior indicated that how much serious he was about his relationship with his wife, which proves that he was an appropriate character for an ideal husband. Although the title of the book kind of fit the story, the author could have give a different name to the story and it would still fit. For instance, the story is full of secrets hidden, betrayal, and blackmails. Moreover, all these situations happened in a total discretion between two or more people, as if they are trying to solve it without the world being aware. Under the Table would have fit as a title to the story. Second, Lord Goring was a dandy. Always conciliating and ready to help, he was among the people who dressed themselves the better. He represented Robert as a lucky person by giving him honor, money, a great lover of his wife, and these are more than enough things for an ideal husband comparing to the real world. Moreover, he put his status of good man in danger because he wanted to help Robert3.

Looked as a model politician to people, he was very romantic toward ladies, and had a high position in his social life; most woman want such a husband who is a successful person in his social life, and who is very romantic to his wife. Since he was a successful well-known politician, honorable to most people in society, and very romantic with his wife, he can get the title of this story “an ideal husband”. When he was blackmailed by Mrs. Cheverly, he was afraid because his wife Lady Gertrude Chiltern was an educated and a perfectly virtuous. Since she was very strict in doing right things, Sir Roberto didn’t tell her about his secret. He thought that she will never forgive her and she will leave him forever, which he doesn’t want at all. Since he loved her wife and had faith in her, he should tell her about his secret. He, however, didn’t say anything and was completely denying when he was asked by his wife about his secret. This behavior doesn’t go with the behavior of an ideal husband because an ideal husband shouldn’t hide anything from her wife4.

However, if we try to analyze his situations, we can think that he was right about what he was doing. This is because, he was scared, and didn’t want to lose the respect that he got from his wife, and he didn’t wanted to let her down since she feels very proud about him. As he loves her, he most of the time wanted to make her feel proud and happy. Therefore, he hides his secret to her and tried forget everything about his past, so that he can lead a beautiful life with his wife. The fact that he put his own reputation and his friendship in danger in order to help his friend gave us one proof of him being able to be qualified ideal. Third, Lord Goring and Robert throughout the play show us what make them special5. As for Lord goring, he knew how to treat women with respect. He was also educated and successful in politic. Goring knew the value of friendship and was ready to sacrifice his honor to serve it. The fact that he was able to turn Mrs. Cheverly blackmails against Robert into a positive outcome, and therefore save his friendship with Robert was a good thing.

As for Robert, who was one of the major character of this play, could be also described as an ideal husband in the future. The reasons are, he was extremely intelligent, and he valued his couple first and was ready to do everything to save it, and is loyal. Admirable politician, Robert knew how to twist words. The way Oscar wild represented him, was very realistic. In addition, his attitude throughout the play indicates that he will also be an ideal husband, and he will love her wife, and will do whatever an ideal husband does. It is predicable because of his attitude which appeared throughout the play. Roberto and his wife did not have nice relationship because of his secret6. When she heard about his secret, she quarreled with him and decided not to lead her life with him anymore Mrs. CHEVELEY: "Ah! The strength of women comes from the fact that psychology cannot explain us. Men can be analyzed, women merely adored." In this time, lord was helping Sir Roberto, so that he could get rid of his problem, and was trying to clarify Roberto’s and his wife’s misunderstanding.

Lord’s this attitude was also noncable at the very end of the play, where lord played an important role to get Roberto and Chiltern together. He sent a letter to Roberto by asking to forget about past, and to start a new life with enthusiasm. He said Roberto that it was not him, who sent that letter, but his wife. Roberto was very happy to know that her wife sent that letter to him. Therefore, he decided to stay with his wife. Since Lord was helping to rebuild their relationship, it is predictable that he will also be an ideal husband. Another reason for predicting Lord as an ideal husband is that he was a romantic person. He was socially established, and a smart man, and a lover of Chiltern’s sister7. Since he was trying to helping Robert, and he had to work with other characters, he couldn’t able to spend sufficient time with his girlfriend. However, it appeared that he was missing her girlfriend and wanting to meet with his girlfriend. In the middle of this play, when he went to Robert’s house to meet with Chiltern, he asked his girlfriend for a date. Mrs. Cheverly said:, “Who on earth writes to him on pink paper? How silly to write on pink paper! It looks like the beginning of a middle-class romance.

Romance should never begin with sentiment. It should begin with science and end with a settlement."Lord, however, couldn’t able to meet her in time which made him very disappointed. His attitude indicates that he was a romantic person and also wanted to make her girlfriend happy like. This behavior forced readers of this story to predict him as an ideal husband. Though he didn’t get enough opportunities to spend enough times with his girlfriend, he did propose her at the very end of the play, and they decided to marry each other8. These characters will help Lord to become an ideal husband in the future. To sum it up, if you know somebody that cares about others, helps others, or is ready to do whatever it takes for the other person to feel comfortable, you have there a potential ideal husband. Sir Roberto is an ideal husband of this story, and it can be predicted that Lord will also be an ideal husband in the future since he had most characteristics such as rebuilding relationship, ability to clarify misunderstanding between husband and wife, romanticism, and some other characteristics like that of an ideal husband. Their social position, romanticism, leaving bad attitude such as Robert’s previous secret made them ideal husbands. Life is sometimes full of secrets that we don't want to share because they are either thirty or really personal. Share it with our special loved one will be a plus in our quest of well being and happiness.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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