All Drag Queens Want is Love

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There were strict rules related to the drag queen contest. There was a point system that included, 5 points for a walk, 5 points for talk, 5 points for a bathing suit, 5 points for the gown, 5 for makeup and hairdo, and 10 for beauty. They were I search for a hotel that had 20 available spots that were hip enough for these high-class queens. One person referred to black people as “negros”. The queens train long and hard to be prepared for the competition.

There is a lot of stress that the queens undergo to be as perfect as possible for the competition. One queen is picked from all the contestants. The bathing suit competition was the toughest. No feathers no big extravagant dresses just them, which was the most competitive and challenging competition. During the time of the 1960s, there is an obvious correlation to present issues that exist in society today regarding the LGBTQ community. Over time there is a stereotype that has been held within this community.

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As I watched the film and noticed the way that these queens held themselves versus the way others might view them are completely different. The drag queens are very high-class, poise individuals who work hard to achieve the goal of winning the competition.

However, at the beginning of the film I noticed as one of the queens approached a man on the street, he looked at her with almost a sense of disgust. The drag queen later mentioned in the film that she asked someone for directions to the drag queen auditions and he said aren’t you a woman and she replied I am impersonating a woman he said wow you look very pretty though.

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He ended up winning the competition in the end. He cried and still held his head high and I believe this was powerful to see. Just to get a glimpse of the inequality that was presented in his life but to see her win the competition and stand tall and proud was beautiful to witness. Some criticized her and said she was bodiless and ugly, and that she did not deserve the prize. People were threatening to sue the competition because they believed that the judges were political and knew the winner. Crystal mentioned that the winner was nowhere close to as beautiful as she was. It was sad to see this transpire. To see fellow queens bringing one another down simply out of jealously and pride. As seen in the scenarios given in the film, many of the stereotypes and preconceived notions given to the LGBQ community stand in present society. In contrast, something I respect about the drag queens is their knowing who they are and holding their heads high with confidence and bravery. They continue to strive to be the best version of themselves and hold their heads high while participating in their passion. The roles of the LGBTQ community today are still treated similarly as they were in the past today. I hope to see progress in terms of the world as a whole when it comes to respecting.

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