Advantages and Disadvantage of Going Green

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The major advantage, undoubtedly, is that the use of green technology reduces the pollution of the environment. The damage that is usually done to the environment when hotels use diesel products is very catastrophic. Diesel products emit a lot of hydrocarbons into the air that cause global warming, which is known to hamper marine life and make some species of the marine bio diversity extinct. However this can be avoided if the industry adopts green technology.

The industry has also come alive to the fact that ecotourism is a major attraction to many people who want to conserve the world we live in.

People appreciate and value those involved in environmental conservation and majority like being associated with them.

The adoption of green technology by the hospitality industry improves the public image that people have towards the industry. The world today is doing everything to combat global warming which is seen as a major threat to future earnings of almost each sector in the global economy.

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Tax Savings

Significant federal tax benefits are associated with going green and several deductions apply for the cost of energy-efficient improvements. Some states also give green building tax credits.

Reduced Costs

One of the main benefits of hotels going green is that business owners get to considerably lower their operating costs. By turning environmentally friendly, hotels can see a 30 percent reduction in their costs.


Potential clients may not believe that green design can be luxurious. (“Just because you’re green doesn’t mean you don’t have a particular style, or can’t produce a certain luxury.

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People are starting to understand that, but it was a real hurdle.”-Lori Dennis, a Los Angeles-based interior designer)

Sourcing furniture, fixtures, and materials is more work. Even though options are improving, “the range of choices is narrower, and you’re doing more work,” to find everything from energy efficient lighting to low-flow faucets to natural upholstery fabrics. (Lori Dennis, a Los Angeles-based interior designer)

When you can’t find what you want, you have to make it yourself. “That’s a con, because it’s a lot of work, but it’s also a pro, because it’s fun and, before you know it, you’ve designed a whole new product range.”(Lori Dennis, a Los Angeles-based interior designer)

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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