Accident, Illness and Emergency Policy for Childminders

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The safety of kids in my care is paramount and it is my policy to take necessary actions to keep kids safe when they are in my care.

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I will promote excellent health, will avoid accidents and take steps to avoid the spread of illness and infection. I have a responsibility to all children in my care to make sure that a safe and healthy environment is provided at all times.

I hold contact information of moms and dads (or another suitable person, such as grandparent) at all times, provided by moms and dads and saved firmly within the kid’s records.

I hold written approval from each of the kids’s moms and dads in the child’s record kind files to enable me to seek first aid for their kid if it’s required.

As a registered childminder I am required to notify Ofsted of any major accidents, diseases or injuries of any kid whilst in my care within 14 days of an incident taking place.

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I will ensure that my family pets are safe to be around children and do not position a health risk.

As a registered childminder, I am legally required to have a valid first help certificate. This enables me to administer standard emergency treatment treatment, and my first aid boxes are plainly identified and easily accessible and are saved in the outdoors and within play-room’s.

Moms and dads are asked to sign a mishap book if injuries happen whilst in my care. Likewise if a kid needs to enter my care with an injury of any kind, the moms and dad will be asked to sign the book reporting the injury. Parent/guardian will be called instantly. I will use my finest judgement regarding how other children will be cared for. You would be sought advice from about this by phone. There is a parent ring round arrangement in the occasion of an emergency to inform all parents of children under my care.

If a mishap or incident including a kid in my care might result in an insurance claim I will call my public liability insurance company to discuss my case and be assigned a claim number. This might involve going over information of the child in my care with a third celebration.

In case of an accident whilst the kid remains in my care, I will:

– handle any small mishaps.

– record all details, including names of witness(es), in the mishap book.

• request parents, on picking up the child / children, to sign the accident book and read the information regarding the incident.

•If I am unable to get hold of parents or other named appropriate adult, he/she will immediately be taken to see a doctor at Bishops Waltham Health Centre – or hospital if necessary and I will stay until parent arrives

In the event of an accident in the home:
• Parents must inform me of any accident at home and record it in the accident at home area of the accident book.

Further observation of injury on a child which has not been reported to me by the parent nor occurred whilst in my care, parents will be asked for information on the incident and instructed to write in the back of the accident book.

In the event of me being subject to an accident:
If I have an accident, I will get the nearest responsible adult to help, while my emergency back-up people are being contacted.

I will do my best at all times to make sure the children in my care are safe, reassured and kept calm.

I will do everything I can to take care of your child if they are feeling unwell by comforting them and giving them appropriate medicine you have approved and have signed a declaration permitting me to administer.

If I am in need of support or advice regarding a serious illness or incident involving a child in my care I may contact National Childminding Association who will log information regarding the incident with regard to their safeguarding policy. A NCMA designated officer will be assigned to my case and all the information given to them will be kept confidentially unless their appear is to be a child protection issue which will be reported accordingly.

You must inform me if your child has been ill overnight or the previous day. I might have other children I am taking care of and need to ensure your child does not have an infectious illness.

Medicines will be kept in a safe place and will be logged in the ‘medicine book’.

However, if you child arrives ill, I will take a decision as to whether the child is fit to attend or not. If not, the parent will be asked to take the child home.

If your child becomes ill whilst in my care, I will:
1.Contact you for agreement to administer ‘calpol’ (if appropriate and agreed) and if your child remains ill after one hour you will be asked to collect your child and make a doctors appointment.

2.You will be required to keep your child at home until they are recovered so that your child can be cared for on a one to one basis at home.

3.In the following circumstances children may be required to stay at home: Diarrhoea and/or vomiting, a rash, conjunctivitis.

4.If I am unable to get hold of parents or other named appropriate adult, he/she will immediately be taken to see a doctor at Bishops Waltham Health Centre – or hospital if necessary and I will stay until parent arrives

Infectious illness:
In the event of your child contracting chicken-pox, mumps, measles etc, or a fever or temperature of 101 degrees Fahrenheit, or 38 degrees centigrade or over your child will not be able to attend under my care and must remain at home.

Parent/guardian will be contacted immediately. In the event of an accident requiring hospital treatment, I will attempt to inform the parents immediately and take the child to hospital. I will stay with the child until the parents arrive.

As a registered Child-Minder and trained paediatric first aider, I will ensure that the most appropriate treatment is given or acted upon for your child in my care; however if I have more than 1 child in my care, I will use my best judgement as to how other children will be cared for. Initial action will be reporting the incident to the parent by phone. We practice a parent ring round provision in the event of an emergency to inform all parents of children under my care.

If parents do not arrive or I am unable to contact them, I will stay with the child until the appropriate treatment has been given and then return home where your child would be cared for until the arrival of the parent

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