A Reaction Paper on the TV Show Numbers Essay

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A Reaction Paper on the TV Show Numbers

I have never been one to be fond of numbers. In fact, I am scared of them. Numbers especially with letters intimidate me. I normally tend to take for granted lessons that have passed. I study it, learn it, memorize it and that’s it. Ten points for me if I could actually remember and actually use those complicated equations in my day-to-day life. Though this may be the case, I find myself a bit more motivated when these mathematical figures be actually applied in real life.

I think I learn more when I see Math’s importance and essence in the ropes of everyday living. Now, here comes Numb3rs, a show that believes that everything is indeed, numbers. Though ambitious in the making, I let myself be excited over how everything would turn out. I was actually impressed with how they applied the concepts of limits, probability and conic sections into catching the culprit. How the guy connected the physics of something as mundane as a sprinkler into an equation that would eventually solve the case was a complete marvel.

Until now I think: “How on earth did he do that? ” And even though the plot seemed lackluster to me, the mathematics behind it compensated for the rather forced storyline of the show. In the end, the suspect was caught. The case was solved. Charlie was right all along. Math indeed helped big time. When it comes to the technecalities and mathematics of the show, I have no complains. But when the story in itself is in question, there I raise my hand.

I think the idea that everything can be solved by numbers is just too far-fetched. Human behavior is unpredictable, unstable and anything but elegant. It is far too unrealistic for me the way they have come to believe that the human body and personality can be translated into numbers or equations. I digress. I disagree. Sure, mathematics is fundamentally present, I know that. But to be actually glorifying it into something as unique, special and holy as the human body, I think that numbers will only remain that, numbers.

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