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A day in the life of a homeless person

Categories: HomelessLife

It’s very scary around here with all the drug addicts and bullies who live around here. It’s horrible I live in eternal fear of being attacked and you are never safe with all the desperate homeless people around who would kill for a sleeping bag and some small change. The smell of rubbish and stale odours of last week’s rubbish is unbearable, the only water is stale, even then that is never enough to stop the burning in your throat.

Every day it’s the same thing, people walking past scowling at me, the day old food I am forced to live off, never anything good to eat always stale and insufficient. I wonder what it’s like to be able to cool your throat with an ice cold lemonade and suppress the hunger with a good meal of course it would take a good days begging to get something like that, and I’m lucky if I make a pound a day as most people just walk by and ignore me, like yesterday I saw a bunch of school children go past they didn’t even give me a look, they don’t know how lucky they are they have everything they need.

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I spend my days walking through the streets trying to scavenge what I can. Walking through the city I see the most amazing sights such as the large houses with their exquisitely designed architecture and big lace curtains draped across the windows, my eyes are fixed on this I dream of a place like this but I know it will never happen.

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A day in the life of a homeless person

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