Zara information system Essay

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Zara information system

By using the Intranet to inform the detail of visual merchandising and windows display, is a simply but efficient way. It can enhance the efficiency of information sharing by the expert team in the Galician headquarter.

First, Intranet is a user-friendly information system, it can be easily operated by the staff members. Visual merchandiser in each store can enter the Intranet by their staff identity, details of the new visual merchandising can be viewed easily. Intranet is an easy-handle system for the staff, fewer training is needed for the visual merchandisers. Therefore, the cost of training can be saved as learning a new information system is an expense of time and money.

Using the Intranet can enhance productivity of visual merchandisers. Different types of documents such as photos, word documents, recording can be shared on the Intranet quickly. These information helps the visual merchandiser to have deeper understanding about the latest visual merchandising and windows display which issued by the headquarter team. Intranet is a cost-effective method that share the information at once and worldwide can be seen those information. Since Zara expands its business to more than 200 stores located over 88 countries, Intranet can be the platform that time of seeking documents can be saved. As a result, productivity can be enhanced as time can be saved and files are concentrated in one platform.

Apart from time saving, reduce cost and increase productivity, communication is another benefit of using Intranet. There is a standard on the visual merchandising, for example the maximum number of products on the table is fixed, the distance between product and other product has a standard number in the collection rack. As visual merchandising is complex, sometimes visual merchandisers want to enquire some details on the latest visual merchandising, then Intranet is a platform for employee to communicate with the headquarter team immediately. Communication is improved if Intranet is used, a platform for employees share their information about visual merchandising.


Sales figure and ranking report can be conducted by TGT which regulate the positioning scientifically Visual merchandisers can slightly adjust the original idea from the headquarter team according to the sales figure or ranking report which generated by TGT. The sales figure may different in distinct region, therefore the windows display should have slightly unlike as the original one. The most eye-catching place should be the hottest item instead of the product selected by the headquarter team. Therefore, TGT is an information system, which helps visual merchandising in different regions.

3.5 Recommendations

3.5.1 Strengthen the Security

Due to the data in Intranet is important to Zara, the security of Intranet should be strengthened. Although Zara’s IT team organizes the Intranet, the online security may insufficient. If the data is disclosed to the public, it is a loss to Zara. Therefore, keep updating the version of online security timely is an effective way to ensure the data of Zara will not disclosed by hacker illegally.

3.5.2 consistent of product selection

Regarding as the product which selected by the headquarter team may not suitable for every regions, Decision Support System(DSS) can be implemented in comparing the sale figure. As TGT generate the sales figures and ranking report in each region, headquarter of Zara can analyze the data then conduct another forecasting report by using DSS. Based on the sales figure, it should be found some products are in the same rank in different regions. Though the data analyzed by DSS, Zara can have more accurate product selection for specific regions.

For example, if the most popular items in Hong Kong and Spain are leather doctor bag, cashmere poncho with side slits, and then these two regions can be grouped together. The visual merchandising team in headquarter can select the products which suggested by DSS in the most eye-catching place, this may solve the problem of inconsistent of product selection.

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