"Without Football, There Would be no Cheerleading"

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These are all counts that cheerleaders know too well. People always say “without football, there would be no cheerleading” that statement is true, but without cheerleaders, there would be few fans. There’s a reason why many people leave after halftime. They go to see some of the game and stay to watch the halftime. Contentions: History of cheerleading. Sports - defined as an activity that has set rules or customs that determines how the activity should be done. Just as athletic as other sports, if not more.

Cheerleading may seem like it’s just been around forever, but it has only been such a sport since the effort put in by cheerleaders is unknown by most. Practice is often 3 times a week and then a game for hours.

There are sports in which it looks like there is a larger amount of activity, but people throw a ball, while cheerleaders throw athletes. Cheerleading can be compared to other sports such as wrestling which also does not use anything except a mat that has special space restrictions, as does cheerleading.

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All cheerleaders are required to stay inside the boundaries of the track and in competitive cheerleading, you are required to stay inside the mat. Seeing that cheerleaders use the same floor plans as wrestling with mats, and restrictions of space. Cheerleaders are allowed to use the designated amount to perform their activities. We can also tell that cheerleaders and wrestlers both have special limits for their sport, which shows that with wrestling being a sport cheerleading is also a sport.

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Another sport that has no equipment needed except for the space that is provided is diving which uses no equipment and is judged solely on the fact that they are talented and better than others. another sport that has no equipment needed except for the space that is provided is diving which uses no equipment and is judged solely on the fact that they are competitive and talented at the sport. running is a example commonly used when referring to sports that don’t involve any equipment except for themselves. Running consists of a course to run on well cheerleading consist of using a mat and showing off your abilities to people and judges. There is a competitive sense in both of those sports because you are placed in rankings. cheerleaders are placed based on how well they performed by judges and runners are placed based on speed of their race.

We can see that cheerleaders play an important role in the sport of football and basketball. They perform a routine that is inbetween 2-3 minutes at halftime to ensure satisfaction of the crowd while the players are playing. When the players are resting, the cheerleaders are sure to be there to support the crowd in times of boredom. Clearly, cheerleaders are able to endure through physical activity throughout the whole game. To many, it seems like cheerleaders don’t do much, and therefore aren’t strong, however, we can see that cheerleaders are much more. They have to do flips in the air and that takes an enormous amount of strength to be able to perform these tasks. Cheerleaders will train for years and condition for years to be able to accomplish the ability to flip in the air. Another main part of cheerleading that requires the most strength is stunting.

Being able to stunt means lifting girls in the air. And most of the time, the girls are similar heights and a little less than, but still close to your own weight, as they also have to be able to tumble and do flips. A great saying amongst almost all cheerleaders is “ATHLETES LIFT WEIGHTS & CHEERLEADERS LIFT ATHLETES.” This quote describes many cheerleaders because they go to the gym, lift weights and condition to perfect their bodies and keep themselves in peak condition. But on the flip side, they’re also lifting these athletes that do everything that an athlete who lifts weights does. The Office of Civil Rights’ definition of a sport comes down to a few key elements. First of all, a sport must be ‘a physical activity which involves propelling a mass through space or overcoming the resistance of mass’.

This is shown by cheerleaders lifting other cheerleaders in the air. Next, it must incorporate a sense of ‘contest’ with or against an opponent. In competition cheer, there is most definitely a sense of contest between teams. Third of all, it must be led by explicit rules to ‘define the time, space, and purpose of the contest and the conditions under which a winner is declared’. Finally, the list dictates that a sport acknowledges that its objective is ‘a comparison of the relative skills of the participants’. The relative skillset compared between cheerleaders is the cleanliness of the routine, which includes no falls in tumbling and stunting, along with synchronization and fluidity between the team. It takes just as much skill and physical training as any other sport. Key factors Physical activity Competition with a winner Set of winners Compare skills Competition first.

It is a sport It’s comparable to other athletic activities that are called sports. If you compare the most popular sports for guys, say football, they do conditioning, and cheerleaders do conditioning. Wrestling, a sport which takes a great amount of knowledge, skill, and strength. All these factors are a part of cheerleading. Not everybody can do it. There’s a progressive level of skill that you need to develop in order to win competitions If you went to a classroom, in 9th grade, and you asked all the students in the classroom to do a toe touch. Most likely nobody would be able to do it except for a cheerleader. They wouldn’t be able to do it the first time. If they were taken into a room and had an hour to learn a dance, they most likely wouldn’t be able to do it the first few times, or after the first 50 times, there is a progressive level of ability that needs to be put into the sport in order for it to become a learned, trained, and perfected skillset.

Cheerleading takes on many of these attributes of learned skills and talents needed to become a cheerleader, which might be more difficult than other sports to catch onto. This really goes to show what a difficult sport cheerleading is to catch onto. A great example of this in another sport is it’s like catching onto a play in a football game. Somebody else wouldn’t be able to quickly catch onto that play unless they had that kind of athletic background. These skills take years to obtain. There are many young girls who would like to become cheerleaders, but they can’t stand up and start cheerleading.

There are rules that you have to learn, skills to develop, and Sports - defined as an activity that has concrete rules that determines how the activity should be done. Wrestling is something most people define as a sport. This sport has rules and regulations, much like cheerleading. While football is played on turf, and cheerleaders sit on the sidelines, on the track. You know what other sport uses the track? Cross country and track and field. Other sports share similar equipment. Which shows what kind of endurance and ability necessary for cheerleaders to be able to perform their sport. From national competitions to sidelines of football games, cheerleaders are training and working just as hard as the other

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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"Without Football, There Would be no Cheerleading" essay
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