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Sometimes people call me a travelling freak, as i am one of those people who would never turn down any opportunity to grab his bags for travelling. Out of my uncountable destinations, i have had traveled, Murree is the most exhilarating place on my list.I still have the desire to return to that place where i had enormous memories.

Murree is basically a hill station, where mountains are covered by the blanket of snows and the eye-catching greenery atmosphere creates a beautiful landscape which is why i recommend this place to each and every person who had never visit this place, The best part of my journey started when i landed my foot on the floors of “Mall road” which is basically a line consists of many restaurants, hotels and shops.

The first thing we did was to rent a hotel and keep our luggage there and After that, we went to one of the famous restaurant there to eat the mouth-watering food known as in local language “Chargha”.

As per our schedule, we decided that in the evening we should leave for Patriata which was solely famous for its chair lift, which was worth a ride.

After waiting in a long queue, we got our turn and sat in one of the chairs and it started from the bottom and went to the skies where we embrace the clouds and express gratitude for the beauty which was around ourselves.The chair lift was the memorable of lifetime and in this way we ended our journey by heading towards our hotel again.

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Indeed, it was an unforgettable destination to visit and everyone must go to this place once in their lifetime!

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