tragedy Essay Topics

The tragedy of Titus Andronicus

To what extent does the tragedy of Titus Andronicus unfold from the protagonist and his actions? The tragic events that take place throughout the play of Titus Andronicus all come from the catalyst of Titus slaying Tamora’s eldest son, Alarbus. Tamora begged for Alarbus’ life as the crime he’s accused of is protecting his own… View Article

Is Death of a Salesman A Modern Tragedy?

In “Death of a Salesman”, the main character Willy Loman is epitome of a tragic hero as he is surrounded by various elements of tragedy. These Elements strip him of his dignity as he struggles to clinch his rightful position in the world. Arthur Miller uses corrupted society, a bad view of success, and delusional… View Article

The Power of Clytemnestra

Agamemnon is the first part of the trilogy of Greek tragedies, The Oresteia.  The tragedy completely depicts the arrival of Agamemnon from the 10-year trojan war.  The tragic story also highlights the powers, political and personal, present in the three major characters, Agamemnon, Clytemnestra and Aegisthus (Grene & Lattimore, 1953). Agamemnon, though not equal to… View Article

One Tragedy, Two Extreme Reactions

When our quiet, orderly lives are distorted and disturbed by a tragedy, we are expected to react in a rational way. We are expected to get angry, to grieve, and even to get depressed. But then amidst everything, we are expected to acknowledge reality to be able to move on.      The short story written… View Article

“The Tragedy of the Commons” by Garrett Hardin

. What shall we maximize? Hardin defines technical solution as such that “requires a change only in the techniques of the natural sciences, demanding little or nothing in the way of change in human values or ideas of morality”. Population grows geometrically or exponentially, but the world is finite. It means that in finite world… View Article

Tragedy Genre

Tragedy is a dramatic genre wherein which the hero struggles in the face of a great trial only to be defeated in the end. The defeat, however, is seen as a triumph instead of a loss since the focus should be on the quality of the struggle not the end, and the purpose of a… View Article

Tragedy: Form And Essence

For the more common people, the word tragedy is primarily associated with a bloody accident, death, or any form of sudden physical torture and a painful twist of fate that leave a sorrowful feeling at the end. Feelings of sadness, desperation, grief, hate, anger, and sometimes fear are the most frequent initial reactions of the… View Article

Demise of a Hero

The play Antigone is one of the known Greek tragedies. Written by Sophocles and performed in 441 BC, the play is considered, up to the present time one of the most recognized tragedies ever written. But then, what is a tragedy and what differentiates it from other forms? Aristotle, in his Poetics, defined tragedy as… View Article

Tragedy and the Common Man

In Arthur Miller’s essay entitled “tragedy and the Common Man,” he explained the importance to depict characters a tragic figures worthy of great literature just as important as the great tragic heroes of Greek plays. In this essay he sets out his own idea of tragedy and the tragic hero. He demonstrates that it is… View Article

Tragedy Description

The First Question      Each sway of the seconds hand in the ticking classroom clock makes a thundering sound for Jeremy. This is the moment he has been waiting for. The final exam is about to begin in a few minutes now. God knows how badly he needs to excel in this test to get… View Article

Deception as a Symptom of a Corrupt Society in Marlowe and Wilde

The desperate need to be moral within society contributes to the motivations, choices, and actions made by people everyday.  It is society which defines what morality is and applies the necessary pressure to force individuals to conform.  Often, failing under these societal pressures, individuals are forced to use deception to escape the oppressive nature of… View Article

Willy is a tragic figure according to Aristotle’s concept of tragedy

Hamlet, Oedipus, King Lear, Macbeth, and Willy Loman are the characters observed by the critics in the numerous writings devoted to the genre of tragedy. Many critics argue if the classic tragedy must include “fall of princes,” as it was defined by Aristotle, or modern plays may be also defined as tragedies. Can the problem… View Article

‘A View from a Bridge’ by Author Miller

The play, ‘A View from a Bridge’, by Author Miller has the theme of a Modern Greek tragedy. A Greek tragedy is a play where fate runs it’s ‘bloody course’, which will lead to the tragic hero’s downfall. A tragic hero is usually a character of noble stature. Just like all people, tragic heroes aren’t… View Article